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Any Polish Tatars here?

Devinsky 2 | 4
1 Apr 2008 #1
hey guys! just finally found out that i am a polish tatar. my dad's parents speak polish but my dad, my grandma and her family look very different from most poles. i used to think all poles look like us but upon meeting more, i started to wonder :P. i was told for a long time that my grandma was polish and native, but i've got her parents records and they're straight outta galicia! although taking into consideration that lots of tatars are of the siberian mongol type, it makes sense that some would resemble native americans ( ie: charles Bronson "bruchinski")!. can anyone tell me about their culture in poland?
Goonie 8 | 242
1 Apr 2008 #2
are tatars the same thing as górals?

btw never knew that chuck was polish :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
1 Apr 2008 #3
There are already some Tatar topics... use search engine.

are tatars the same thing as górals?

OP Devinsky 2 | 4
1 Apr 2008 #4
just found one guy looking for a site, i wanted to talk to some fellow tatar people that are on this forum:P
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
1 Apr 2008 #5
fellow tatar people

Not easy thing. There are only about 3000 of them in Poland, many more mixes thought.
Goonie 8 | 242
1 Apr 2008 #6

I think I need to be schooled on what a tatar is :)

The only tatar I know is served with chopped onions and pickles yummm
Eurola 4 | 1,909
1 Apr 2008 #7
Oh, Goonie you cannibal you. Not this kind of tatar, but I agree! Yummm.
20 Sep 2008 #8
"are tatars the same thing as górals?"

No, górals are supossedly descended from Vlachs.

Anyways, Devinsky, my family is from Galicia also. We are all quite dark. However, my mother is half russian and yet she looks like a Turk. My Polish father looks like a mongol.

We don't know what we really are. Your are lucky in that at least you have an idea of your roots.

I've been mistaken for native american or latino.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
21 Sep 2008 #9
The two original Tartar settlements in Poland are Kruszyniany and Bohuniki in NE Poland's Podlaesie region. These villages were given to Tartar warriors as a reward for their faithfuil service to the Polish king. Their descendants still live in the area and have mosques and celebrate traditonal Moslem holidays.
tygrys 3 | 295
21 Sep 2008 #10
There's also the ones from Litwa, called "Lipkowie" who were also rewarded by the king for their faithful service, the peaceful tribe and settled in Poland taking on their religion.
Karima 3 | 50
21 Sep 2008 #11
One of my ancestor was Tatar his name was Murza Radowicki.. Im slowly start interesting abt this.. but I didnt notice a tatars looks in my family anymore..
Karima 3 | 50
21 Sep 2008 #13
hehe thx LODZ_THE_BOAT ;) but i really dont think i look like Tatar.. this acestor is from XVIII and Im not 100% polish then i dont look even like polish :( At least some people recognize in me polish woman and some dont..
JohnP - | 210
21 Sep 2008 #14
Perhaps a silly question, but what does the typical Tatar look like?
I wouldn't have the slightest clue if my family came from Tatars or not (well the Polish side, anyway)

John P.
osiol 55 | 3,922
21 Sep 2008 #15
what does the typical Tatar look like?

They typically look atypical. Tatars were quite a mixed bunch. Perhaps generally darker skin than your average Pole. Some look a bit more Mongolian, some don't.
makinay - | 2
28 Dec 2008 #16
I have tatar roots. who one wants know somthing about them
you can ask to me?

but easy way if you want to learn something you can search at google crieman tatar
kamal - | 16
28 Dec 2008 #17
this so interests really
what you say you self, polish, russian, or total tatar? what you speak major?

I have tatar roots. who one wants know somthing about them you can ask to me?

many question, gut to you, is you polish, russish\russian, total tatar?
and you do speak tatar?

grant nasion of tatar, do you know it is?
HatefulBunch397 - | 658
31 Dec 2008 #18
They typically look atypical. Tatars were quite a mixed bunch.

I've read Vladimir Lenin came (partially) from Tartars and looks a bit like one.
makinay - | 2
9 Jan 2009 #19
many question, gut to you, is you polish, russish\russian, total tatar?

yes Im Crimean tatar now Im living in Turkey.
I can t understand grant nasion of tatar.

but I dont like russian dictators such as lenin and stalin. they did genosis to us. so ım living in Turkey.
Calicoe 2 | 133
14 Jan 2009 #20
I am trying to do a bit of research on my background as well. I was adopted, so it is a bit more difficult. My birth mother is half Hungarian and Polish, and I've seen a picture of her mother who was very olive looking, and had dark, thick, wavy long hair when she was young, and dark small eyes.

I seem to have her eyes, but mine are light-coloured. I have a light olive color to my skin, and high blush coloring in my cheeks, which I hear is a Mongolian trait. I also have a "spot" or birth mark on my right shoulder, which I have heard is also a mark of Tatar blood.

Most of my birth mother's family looks European, but her brother has a dark look about him. She doesn't know much about her ancestors before they came to the States, but she seems to think they were from a village in the Carpathian Mountains.

Any information you have to direct me to research this would be helpful. I am going on very little information here. I will try to find out my grandmother's maiden name.

Does anyone know anything about this so-called spot of Tatar heritage?
16 Jan 2009 #21
The Polish Tatars originated a a group of semi-nomatic, Turkic-speaking people who lived along the frontiers of Eastern Poland and often raided Polish settlements. They were famous for their horsemanship and for their ferocity in war. In 1400 the Polish King Casamir the Great convinced some of the Tatars to join with Polish and Lithuanian forces to fight off an invasion of German Knights from the west. As a reward for their service, Casamir allowed these loyal Tatars to settle in Poland and gave them lands. The Tatars were Muslims, but their faith was tolerated in Catholic Poland. Coming from a long warrior tradition, and over the following centuries the Tatars served frequently in Poland's army. Before World War II many Poles -- and especially members of the landed gentry class(szlachta) held the Tatars in high regard for their centuries of loyal service to their adopted land. Many Tatars intermarried with Poles and became Catholics, but there are still some Polish citizens who identify themselves as Tatars today. After Soviet domination ended, the Tatars began rebuilding some of their mosques. There is even a Polish Tatar mosque in New York City, built by Polish Tatar immigrants to the US.
13 Feb 2009 #22
I had an ancestry DNA test done and discovered that I have Polish Tatar ancestry among other heritages. I thought Tatars were the decendants of the "Golden Hords" of Mongolia, but not direct decendants of Gangus Khan.
16 Feb 2009 #23
I just had both my Mtdna and Y dna analyzed, (waiting on the deeper results) anyway, I'm just wondering: what is it in your results that is telling you that you have tatar blood? I have been told and seen photos of some of my ancestors and they look very mongolian/almost inuit native, what exactly in your results revealed this information, thanks\

and as soon as my info comes back, I will have more to share
1 Mar 2009 #24
Hi, I was wondering whether you have found out more about your Tatar ancestry? I'm very interested about it myself. I'm half Tartar and my family comes from that polish region when Tatars settled (Podlasie). My mother's whole family is of tatar's origin and she even has a tatar family name. I'm a bit sad that I know so little about my own origin.
3 Jun 2009 #25
Golden Horde of Mongolia is a misnomer. The Tatar Golden Horde army originated in the Central Asian Steppes and found its way to Crimea.

Gengis Han was a Mongol. There is great confusion regarding early Central Asian history due to lack of written record keeping. It also does not help that the early Chinese empires referred to all the neighbor tribes as Tatars whether they be Mongols, Turkish or actual Tatars.

Hope this info helps.

I had an ancestry DNA test done and discovered that I have Polish Tatar ancestry among other heritages

Lucky you. You now know you have a noble heritage. There are so many of us around the world. Most don't even realize it. A Tatar can be dark or be blonde with light skin. Can have blue or Green eyes. Can have large or a pug nose. The one and only trait that is mosly common and constant are the heavy eyelids.
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Jun 2009 #26
The tartars with noble heritage have a special mark on their body, usually on the outside of their thigh or lower stomach area, which is passed on from generation to generation.
Olek S - | 13
7 Jun 2009 #27
I know a girl from Białystok. Her grandmother was a Tatar.
Also I know that Henryk Sienkiewicz's father was a Tatar.
7 Jun 2009 #28
The tartars

hmmmm pondering that thought... ;-)
sophia0790 - | 1
14 Jul 2009 #29
Hello Everyone,

I just came across this thread.
I am Polish with Lipka Tatar ancestry in my immediate family. I "look" polish - light skin, green eyes etc, etc but I;ve been always told that i have this high chicks (yeap, Tatar ancestry).

Krysia, I am curious about this special mark - i have one...outside my left thigh....fascinating.

Any Poles with Tatar heritage in NYC area?
krysia 23 | 3,058
15 Jul 2009 #30
Krysia, I am curious about this special mark - i have one...outside my left thigh

So do I, outside my left thigh. So do my children. I also have Noble Lipka Tatars ancestors. I have royal blood flowing through my veins and would have been a princess if Tatars would still rule. Maybe that's why I love horses so much?

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