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Polish Duck Soup

bimber94 7 | 254
14 May 2009 #61
Where in Detroit can you get lard and vodka?
OP Guest
15 May 2009 #62
In the detroit area, Eastern Market near downtown has ducks that you can choose and they will butcher, removing all the pinfeathers and give you the blood. Smacnego!
11 Jun 2009 #63
As I sit here reading this thread, my mouth is watering and I'm SO craving czarnia!

My grandmother made this soup every Easter and Christmas. My grandfather would get the duck and either kill it and drain it himself, or watch the butcher drain it, to be sure to get 'pure' duck blood - no chicken or pork.

My mother and I made it a couple of times from scratch. The only tricky part is when you pour the blood into the hot broth, that it doesn't curdle. If you haven't put enough vinegar in, you will know right away. Don't know if there's any way to 'fix' it at that point. We did it wrong once and basically started over with fresh blood.

I live in the Detroit area and I can vouch for the sources mentioned. Also, if you want to get some 'ready' made, I recommend Under the Eagle restaurant on Jos Campau in Hamtramck. You can buy it cold by the quart, with or with out the kluskis. Recently, I have bought that and reseasoned it to bring the taste closer to my grandmother's recipe.

Okay, now I gotta go get some!
kostusha 1 | 4
13 Jun 2009 #64
I grew up with Polish grandparents and czernina was a staple...Babci used to kill the duck herself. The kartofle were fabulous...any of my non-Polish-American friends just about gag when I tell them about it...usually in the context of enjoying the foods that you were exposed to as a child and they don't seem strange.

Interestingly, the grandmother from Warsaw made the better of the soups...the grandmother from Galicia didn't quite make the grade with czernina.
krysia 23 | 3,058
13 Jun 2009 #65
any of my non-Polish-American friends just about gag when I tell them about it...

I'm with them.
27 Jun 2009 #66
I have Duck soup (czarnina) about once a month. I raise my own ducks and bleed them my self.
25 Oct 2009 #67
You can mix a little flour with your liquid and add your vinigar to taste. This gives you a very close imitation of duck soup without the blood. I really like to save the ducks- I use pork neck bones, pork ribs, ham hocks, and maybe this weekend a chicken.

If I can help with any of your polish recepies please calll 813-995-0879
21 Nov 2009 #68
What is the name of the store in Erie where you can get duck blood as well as the duck? I live close enough to go get it


Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
21 Nov 2009 #69
Anyone ever heard US-born Pol-Am kids calling czernina 'chocolate soup & bullets'? The bullets were the little dumplings in the soup.
23 Nov 2009 #70
yo, I'm pure polish and 48 yrs old,
My father made duck blood soup and I hated it as a teenager and learned to love it when I was in my 20's. He would make at Christmas and Easter, just a few of my Polish relatives would cherish this soup. I learned to love it! Alot of my friends would say you are crazy. I want to make this so bad now, but can't find anyone willing to sell the ducks blood and some meat. He made delcious dough balls with this, I think they are called Kluski:S and noodles tOO! Yum
12 Dec 2009 #71
I'm in Chicago and we have Czarnina for the Wigilia but in recent years we've had to go to places like Bobek's to get the ready-made soup as I've heard its illegal to get duck's blood. The last time we tried it with Duck's Blood, I got the blood from an Eastern European Deli in Worth, IL...I forgot about adding the vinegar and when my mom tried to make it the mixture coagulated and it smelled nasty....I learned my lesson well then!!

Anyway before I make a trip to a Polish Deli (and they are getting fewer and further between here on the South Side of Chicago) does anyone have suggestions on where I could get the blood from? And does Bobek's still sell the ready-made stuff??

Mike Pietrusinski
9 Mar 2010 #72
Redlinski meats in buffalo new York supplies ducks and blood and ton of other great stuff plus they will ship it.
check it out.
Ekaterina - | 1
16 Mar 2010 #73
Im russian and love to cook:) so will cook polish duck blood soup tomrrow
I get 2 alive chickens for free at farm and will kill one tomrrow for blood:) next time i will get real duck:)
i love this soup coz it have dried fruits:)
U can taste it in Polish village cafe,Hamtramck*Detroit area),Michigan
ShawnH 8 | 1,509
16 Mar 2010 #74
Duck meat in beans is quite a nice treat.
20 Jul 2010 #75
I used to have a recipe for mock czanina, but can't locate it. It was made with Mussleman's applebutter. Can you help?
polkamaniac 1 | 482
18 Nov 2010 #76
Those memories take me back to the days when my mother used to make czarnina fresh when I was just a kid.The sad part was ,which I didn't know at the time,that the duck I had in the backyard would disapppear at the same time the soup was made.!!!!

PennBoy 76 | 2,437
18 Nov 2010 #77
isn't it a regional dish, Kasubian?
polkamaniac 1 | 482
18 Nov 2010 #78
PennBoy----there are hundreds of recipes popular in different parts of Poland and Lithuania. The ingredients used originated as a way to use up every part of a slaughtered duck or goose.

PennBoy 76 | 2,437
18 Nov 2010 #79
The ingredients used originated as a way to use up every part of a slaughtered duck or goose.

Sounds very high end and healthy, soup for the poorest of the poor.
Wade - | 1
18 Nov 2010 #80
Merged thread:
Duck Blood

Does anyone know where I can get duck blood for Czarnina. I am look for about 2 cups of duck blood
pgtx 29 | 3,159
18 Nov 2010 #81
butcher store? go to a local one, ask them and they'll arrange it for you...
i think...
Eurola 4 | 1,906
21 Nov 2010 #82
I recently heard that there is a store in Chicago around Devon/Western (Russian or Mexican owned) which has live domestic birds and rabbits. They kill them and clean on the spot for you. I think this would be a good place to get the duck blood for all the czarnina eaters.

I see if I can find out more details.
11 Jan 2011 #83
First of all. The soup is called czarnina . from what i recall it can be made either from duck or pork nec k bones. first you boil either ine in a pot of water. you can either put in prune, raisins and some people used to put in some slices of apples for flavoring. wHILE THE SOUP IS BOILING prepare the blood with sour cream and mix well so there are no lumps in it. take the soup off the stove and let it settle down from the boil. when soup is warm pour in the mixture of blood and sour cream and constanly stir so that it does not curdle. add vinegar or sugar accordiung to your taste. cook noodles and enjoy.

You can use beef blood it all turns out the same. try a polish market for the blood.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
11 Jan 2011 #84

They may be able to direct you to a poultry market in your state that sells live ducks:
Kentucky Poultry Federation
P.O. Box 577
Winchester, KY 40392
Phone: (859)-737-1048
Fax: (859)-737-1049
polkamaniac 1 | 482
12 Jan 2011 #85
go for a ride into the country and check out a farm where you see ducks running around.the farmer may sell you one of them. Nice and fresh ! !
24 Jan 2011 #86
duck soup

What market in cleveland! my mom is bugging me to find one since i moved close to cleveland, but i dont even know where to look!!
6 Feb 2011 #87
i have read so many recipes for czarina but never see any who put carots in them carots are a must i have been making this for years i started at the age of about 4 waching as my diza diza witch is( grand paw in polish) if ya dont know he raised his own ducks and we made it fresh and we always put alot of carots in ours and i still do but we make ours souer and not so sweet like most do i usaly have to make about 4 gallons of it cause my family come from every where to eat it and they all say the same thing mine is the best ever... hey im like 4th generashion making it it should be the jamesy from erie,pa or you could just say przybylski from erie,pa
18 Feb 2011 #88
Instead of chocolate, try lekvar aka plum butter it can be found in grocery stores in the int'l section. You will still need to add the vinegar to get the sweet and sour flavor.
pjlandowski 1 | 7
4 Jun 2011 #89
Have not had it in years. But I am ready! Me and Uncle John loved it. Too many recipes lost! Poland, dont get too refined.
rwblack - | 1
28 Oct 2011 #90
Ducks and duck blood may still be obtained at Chase Road poultry in Dearborn Michigan. The location is Chase Road just south of Warren road.

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