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Polish Duck Soup

22 Dec 2005 /  #1
When I was a child, my Grandmother and my Cioc used to make a DUCK SOUP. They used the Duck, raisins, prunes, potato dumplings, Duck Blood etc. in the soup. Man, it was GREAT. It's been years and they both passed on, along with the recipe. I would love to have the recipe. Does anyone knows what I'm talking about? I'm gonna try to write it the way I remember it being pronounced. Chaddanienna.
22 Dec 2005 /  #2
Hmm - no idea. The only meal that uses blood in Polish kitchen I know of is the so called Kaszanka. But I don't hink it has anything to do with Duck...
24 Dec 2005 /  #3
I think you mean: Czarnina. More details here:
OP Guest  
23 Feb 2006 /  #4
If you wish to find a copy of this most treasured and ancient recipe, I suggest you pick up a copy of the book "Polish Heritage Cookery" written by Robert and Maria Strybel. The Polish given name for the dish is "Czernina", also known as "Czarnina" in peasant dialect. There are three versions of this soup: the original, which indeed uses both flesh and blood of duck, along with raisins, prunes and various seasonings, a second using the blood of a duck but substituting pork ribs for the duck meat, and finally another version with no trace of duck whatsoever. The final given recipe includes pork ribs and prunes, which form the basis of the soup, with no blood. I hope this is useful information. Please contact me at rochcooks9786@yahoo for complete recipes and cultural information.
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12 Mar 2006 /  #5
I remember my Polish relatives making duck soup, we called it chocolate soup. Loved it then, but don't think I woud dare to try it now!
OP Guest  
23 Mar 2006 /  #6
( czarnina) The way we make the soup is simple. We start with a duck from the meat market,but the blood is the key to the soup, ask around till u find a market who supplies. Then you cut up the duck 2 ducks are better put into large pot with water,large onion,1 whole celery and a very large apple cook this until the duck is tender. Take the duck and vegetable out of the broth put aside to eat later. Take a large mixing bowl pour the blood and about 3/4 cup flour into the blood mix with mixer till the flour mixes in,keep the broth hot while doing this.When blood is mixed well pour into the broth and let it thicken,if not thick enough this is where your kitchen skills come in by adding a bit more of flour and water. Red potatoes are the best for dumplings since they dont turn as grey as a white potatoe.
4 Nov 2006 /  #7
Do you have any idea where I could find a market that would be able to get the blood correctly and then ship me the duck and blood? I live in KY now and I can't find anywhere to buy a duck with the blood. My grandmother used to live in Michigan and she went somewhere in detroit. My dad lives here now and we wanted to cook my favorite soup for my children. Thank you

6 Nov 2006 /  #8
Also pronounced chy-ien-na
6 Nov 2006 /  #9
I have three ducks.

6 Nov 2006 /  #10
you are not going to sell them to jules .are you???:(
6 Nov 2006 /  #11
Not selling to anyone who will suck their blood dry!! That's for sure!
They're my pets.
6 Nov 2006 /  #12
lol that was a bit weird seing your post in this thread:).ok have to go .bye krysia
14 Nov 2006 /  #13
My mom Jean and I are having trouble finding a market for the duck blood also ... we're in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, PA... I remember this great tasting soup at my Bobci's house in Dupont, PA... Her last name was Borkowski and maiden name Wallace or Volos. What a great family tradition...
16 Nov 2006 /  #14
I also have been having a hard time finding where to buy the duck blood. Years ago it used to be so easy as there were many more live poultry stores in the city. (I live near Chicago). I think I may have finally found a store though and am going this weekend to get some. I don't know if they will ship, but here is their number for you to contact them below.

I hope this helps. This is so much a part of my heritage and I grew up every holiday having this soup. I understand how important it is to you.

Antwi Farms
(773) 973-2531
16 Nov 2006 /  #15
What's a vampire's favorite soup?
17 Nov 2006 /  #16
Scream of tomato!
17 Nov 2006 /  #17
Yes Duck soup sounds good. Especially, Twin Duck Soup a la Kaczynski bro.
17 Nov 2006 /  #18
Ohh, that was good!!!
Crazy Horse  
5 Dec 2006 /  #19
I use this recipe but I add crumbled Italian Sweet Sausage quick fried. It really make a good meal and quick. I tried Polish (Fresh) Sausage, but the Sweet Sasuage tastes better.

27 Dec 2006 /  #20
Try this old family recipe also know in our family as Brown Soup. This is my fathers recipe from the old days when duck was not available. Also is his recipe for Potato dumplings.

2-3 lbs. pork meat (end of pork)
1/2 C raisins
1/2 C prunes
3 whole allspice
3 whole cloves
1/4 C vinegar
10-12 ginger snaps dissolved in cold water
2 TBS flour w/ 1 cup water

fill 5 1/2 qt sauce pan 1/2-1 inch from top
boil pork and skim skim until foam is gone
simmer till done.

Potato Dumplings
4 shredded potatoes
2 eggs
Mix and drop into boiling water. remove and cool till needed.
27 Dec 2006 /  #21
boil pork and skim skim until foam is gone

27 Dec 2006 /  #22
Your artistic talent is amazing....
2 Feb 2007 /  #24
My Dad used to tell me about this dish all the time. It's good?
7 Feb 2007 /  #25
czarnina is great. just finding ducks blood is difficult. most places, even polish stores , dont sell it any more. seems the more technicaly advanced as a civilization we become the lazier we must be since everything we process that used to be good and didnt harm you now can kill you. l.o.l. as for duck soup, the way the local polish shop butcher told me about the hazzards of useing ducks blood, i figure i should of been dead back when i was 5. l.o.l. kaz
duck soup  
18 Mar 2007 /  #26
we are lucky in cleveland, a few butchers still have the blood available.
18 Mar 2007 /  #27
Not selling to anyone who will suck their blood dry!!

Then watch out for Chupacabra. :)
6 Oct 2007 /  #28
we are lucky in erie,pa we still have a local store here that sells the duck and the blood you even get one fee 6oz thing of blood when you buy a duck ...and im making it sunday nobody can wait it is the best soup ever i learned how to make it from my mom and she learned from her parents who came from poland.....happy in pa !!!!!
11 Oct 2007 /  #29
Hello all;
I've been asked by my family to put my mom's (God rest her soul) Czarnina recipe for a family cookbook. She had tons of recipes and still can't find the original. However, one thing I remember that when we could not get duck blood she substituted chocolate. Does anyone have any knowledge of this form of czarnina? I'm Robert and u can get in touch with me at gatzbo@yahoo
14 Oct 2007 /  #30
Hello All,
My grandma and grampa would make this when I was a kid,I watched as they slit the throats and drained the blood into a glass container,and couldn't bring myself to eat it until I was an adolescent. BOY DID I MISS OUT! This is a good soup,abit sweet but my grampa,bless his soul would mix applecider vinegar with it-that makes it the best. Give this a try and you also MUST have homemade noodles. Cant remember if they were egg or potato,think they were egg. Tony Herman

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