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Polish Student Association Event

NevJordano 3 | 5
10 Oct 2012 #1

Guess who was made head organizer of his university's first Polish-themed event of the school year? That's right, me! I am so excited and thankful to have been given the opportunity. I'm currently drafting up the plans for the event. I told a few people I would post a thread about it after I finished with my exams. My professors graded them surprisingly fast and I did much better than what I expected. For those wondering, the exams were in: Spanish, biology, and survey of western art and history.

Anyway, now that I have the time to tell you guys about the event, I will do just that. I want to do something that helps promote knowledge of Polish history. I'm thinking of doing a "ten significant moments" list where the other members of the Polish Student Association and I will speak about certain things that have occurred and give facts about them to educate those who attend on how they impacted Poland. We were going to set the event for November 11, 2012 but it falls on a Sunday and we doubt many people would be up for that. As of now, the date is not set in stone. I have a late class on Monday, too, so I'm trying to figure out how this will work. We'll probably have to decide on a time and day that fits everyone's schedule.

I think the event will be a success. PSA is small (there are only about twenty of us) but we're all from diverse backgrounds (its open to everyone who is interested in Polish culture) and hardworking so I have faith this event and the ones we'll do in the future will run smoothly. On Friday, we are learning how to write messages for gift cards in Polish and I have a few ideas that involve such a skill so I see a lot of good things to come.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
10 Oct 2012 #2
Guess who was made head organizer

PSA is small (there are only about twenty of us)

Seems to me as if you were the only candidate...
OP NevJordano 3 | 5
10 Oct 2012 #3
I wouldn't say that. Any of the other members could have been chosen. Twenty intelligent, crisp minds is quite the pool to pick from. Even being chosen from a small group, however, is an honor in itself nonetheless.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
10 Oct 2012 #4
How many other candidates stood for election for this...position?
OP NevJordano 3 | 5
10 Oct 2012 #5
Everyone in PSA so twenty as a total.

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