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Poland's Banks Association: 61,100 housing loans in Q3

polishmortgages 7 | 36  
1 Dec 2010 /  #1
In Q3 2010, banks advanced 61,100 housing loans with the total value in excess of PLN 13bn (€3.22bn), according to the data of the Polish Banks Association (ZBP)...

rest of the article in our website

I am a bit surprised about this figures...
This clearly show that there is no crisis in the banks in Poland and property buyers take advantage of so called "crisis" to buy property in good price.

Also higher than expected GPD is showing that we can not say about crisis in Poland

Zed - | 195  
1 Dec 2010 /  #2
Well, it's not like everyone is unemployed, you know. GDP increase for 3rd Q was up by 4,2%. Then again 61K is not a huge number either.

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