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Polish doctor sentenced in US citizenship scam

delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
27 May 2017 /  #1
The Polish doctor Dr. Puszkarski was sentenced to probation after giving false medical opinions to excuse people from taking citizenship/language tests in the United States. If you look online, he has a very nice house and medical practice, meaning that he was living a lavish lifestyle through cheating the United States immigration authorities.

The scam was quite simple. To obtain US citizenship, you need to pass an exam as part of the process. Dr Puszkarski was issuing false documents to show that applicants could not take the test for medical reasons, meaning that his patients were able to become citizens without proving their knowledge of life in the United States or the values by which they were expected to abide. Dr Puszkarski would take large sums of cash for these false documents, and it was certainly a lucrative source of cash for him. Fortunately, he was caught, and given a suspended prison sentence and a 10,000 dollar fine.

More about the story here in Polish - - it seems that more than one Polish doctor was caught taking part in this racket.
jon357 73 | 22638  
27 May 2017 /  #2
At least he didn't give an exemption certificate to this guy:

But Fryzlewicz failed to get the minimum score required and re-sat the test twice - returning his worst score on the third exam.
Bieganski 17 | 888  
27 May 2017 /  #3
Whoa! And yet another coordinated anti-Polish thread! May 2017 is certainly turning out to be a busy month for the Pole bashers.

But wait a minute! The OP already has a trolling thread going entitled Polish-American criminals which he started way back in 2011.

Here it is:

I propose this latest hit piece be at the very least merged if not consigned to the bin. It is after all a topic about Polish Americans over in America.

It is interesting though to see this sudden surge in Polonophobic postings over the past couple of days. All of them have come hard on the heels of a recent suspension followed by an unusual weeklong period of inactivity when the suspension was lifted. And all of the topics so far have revolved around criminality and prison sentencing.

Hmmm. What is the OP trying to tell the forum?

Is the OP projecting something onto Poles and Polonia which occurred in the OP's own life recently? A personal brush with the law perhaps? An inability to post for a week to do a detention? Are these posts an attempt at damage control? The extreme examples provided by the OP do seem to be a play at minimization of something going on personally. It is as if to say "Sure I did something bad but look at the Poles over there, they were just as bad if not worse!"

The chosen topics are indeed revealing. So far we have had a crime story about intoxication and death, a sex crime story, and now an immigration crime story. I can't wait to see the next puzzle piece the OP provides the forum to tell us what misdeeds are actually going on in the unintegrated immigrant community in Poland!
jon357 73 | 22638  
27 May 2017 /  #4
Polish doctor

Another worrying case here:

Polish doctor struck off after patient death
He needed 52 per cent to pass a knowledge test last year but achieved only 17.5 per cent.
The score was the lowest an assessor with more than 15 years experience could remember

27 May 2017 /  #5
At least those Polish doctors were sober, which is more than can be said for this one:

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