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Where can I get Zywiec near San Diego

TheKruk 3 | 308  
19 Feb 2008 /  #1
I live in Oceanside ca. anyone know of an international food store near here or San Diego where I can pick up some Polish foods and goodies?
beckski 12 | 1,617  
19 Feb 2008 /  #2
At Balboa Park, cultural eating experiences events take place occasionally. They've had Polish food in the past.

Have you contacted the Polish church in Mission Beach for any additional ideas?
OP TheKruk 3 | 308  
20 Feb 2008 /  #3
No I haven't, do you know the name of this church?
beckski 12 | 1,617  
20 Feb 2008 /  #4
do you know the name of this church?

It's called, St. Maximilian Kolbe Polish Mission, San Diego.
JohnP - | 210  
20 Feb 2008 /  #5
This is completely my luck. [bad]
I didn't know about any of this stuff and I lived in San Diego for 7 years. Mission Valley then Kensington/San Diego (I lived 2 blocks off Adams Ave.) Coronado (for awhile in the barracks at North Island) and lastly in Spring Valley on Dictionary Hill.

Never saw a single Polish anything when I was living there, all I saw was Mexican, Phillipino, and that sort of stuff.
Balboa Park DOES have the International Village or something like that, it's just a row of cottages set with things from a different culture for each house. Never made it there, though.

John P.
OP TheKruk 3 | 308  
21 Feb 2008 /  #6
Thanks for the info! I went to the Polish Festival there I think, it wasn't so great the folks were not as friendly as the festival in New York nor were the cops who forced everyone to drink in a stinky hot tent.
28 Mar 2008 /  #7
I mentioned Zywiec beer to my local liquor store while living in Santee, Ca and about a month later, there was a case in the cooler. If there is a store that has the volume of international beers, and you like drinking it, maybe they will just order it for you.
nataliabisous - | 7  
26 May 2008 /  #8
Go to tecate, mexico instead and go to their beer tour, free beer all day.....its awesome, and very close to san diego, which by the way, is one of the best cities in california
JohnP - | 210  
26 May 2008 /  #9
Chief Z,
I will be returning to San Diego for a week or two in June for my wife's family reunion, which store in Santee did you have buy the beer? I might like to try it while I'm there.

Tecate IS right across the border, although I've never had opportunity to try the tour...I am usually distracted by the Tequila long before I get into their beer, although it has been some time since I've been to Mexico. Last trip I enjoyed, if you get a chance go down to Puerto Nuevo and enjoy some Lobster, Mexican style (they fry it...but it is very tasty) Quite a neat place to visit.

I do plan to try that beer when you spill the beans, Chief...

John P.
hairball 20 | 313  
29 May 2008 /  #10

I live in this city (Żywiec) but I'm curious as to how you Americans pronounce it? It's nothing like it looks.

This brewery has an interesting history. It was originally owned by the Habsburg family who were Austro-Hungarian Royalty. After the Nazi's invaded in '39 the family were taken into "custody" and the father was tortured, but he didn't give in to their demands. He stood up and proudly said he was Polish.

księżnej (Princess) Marii Krystyny Habsburg still lives in the city today, and she is very interesting to talk to.,35019,416326.html

Today the brewery is owend by Hiniken and all my friends tell me that the beer isn't as good now as it was 6/7 years ago:(

This one's in English.
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
29 May 2008 /  #11
U live in Żywiec lad? Interesting, not far from where I am. There's a place called Mega Pension which overlooks a stunning lake. I stayed there last year and it was so relaxing. It's a beautiful place :)
Peter 3 | 248  
29 May 2008 /  #12
Have you tried online stores? They have Zywiec, Okocim and Tyskie.
hairball 20 | 313  
29 May 2008 /  #13
It's a beautiful place

The whole place is beautiful Seanus with all these mountains. I see your not that far away from me!
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
29 May 2008 /  #14
Like the west coast of Scotland. I'll be in Newcastle in July
osiol 55 | 3,921  
29 May 2008 /  #15
(Żywiec) but I'm curious as to how you Americans pronounce it?

I'm not American, but just for a laugh, I shall pronounce it zajłik.
I hope that's nothing rude in Polish.


Fantastic place. Well, bits of it.
hairball 20 | 313  
30 May 2008 /  #16
pronounce it zajłik

Ży = like the first Ge in George but not as hard. More like a Frenchman would pronounce it.

W = V

I = ee

E = like the e in pen

c= ts

2 sylables

Ge vee-ets
osiol 55 | 3,921  
30 May 2008 /  #17
Hairball, why are you trying to teach me Polish pronunciation? I opnly really have difficulty pronouncing Polish after drinking a load of Zhivets or something similar.
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
30 May 2008 /  #18
It should be easier then
dann01 - | 1  
30 May 2008 /  #19
I can get it here in Colorado, but it tastes a little flat...I think there is distributor out east somewhere, but I've gone on line and it is possible to order it by the case load. When I got it in Canada, the Zywiec tasted fresher and was in .5 and one liter bottles. OCO seems to ship better, but we aren't able to get OKO Mocne (SP) here. I have seen Tyskie once..but it also tasted somewhat flat....
MarcinD 4 | 135  
10 Jun 2008 /  #20
Exactly, Beverage N More in Oceanside should have it for sure. Trader Joes also in the same shopping center MIGHT have it.
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
10 Jun 2008 /  #21
Never heard of and I am Seanus
MarcinD 4 | 135  
10 Jun 2008 /  #22
Easily the best place i've ever seen in California for their selection of beer. Not only do they have all kinds of different choices from all around the world but they will even contain a little description and rating of each beer
14 Jul 2008 /  #23
Go to Kashtan Market and Bistro in Rancho Bernardo, their web address is:

You can get any kind of Polish beer (as well as other European) that you want there, as well as some Polish food. Tom Trzos is the owner and a great guy. Tell him Tom (the Marine from Colorado) sent you.

The Polish Church in Mission Bay has great meals in the basement after the service (not sure if they have them during the summer now, but they did a few weeks ago).

I live in Denver and am pretty lucky because we have a Polish bar, about 8 Polish delis, 2 Polish bakeries and a new Polish restaurant getting ready to open. My duaghter goes to Polish School at St Joseph's also.

Good luck
terenowiec 1 | 29  
18 Sep 2008 /  #24
bevmo is guaranteed polish beer
8 Oct 2008 /  #25
One of Zywiec beer distributors have a warehouse in Carlson, CA. Check out and ask for Zywiec in CA. They might tell you where you could buy it...


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