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Roads and Driving rules in Poland versus America

28 Feb 2009 /  #61
I live in Poland RIGHT now and have for three years. I've driven all over Poland, save Szczecin. I concur. Poles are not crazy, but consciously offensive and absolutely dangerous to everyone else on the road! This is a generalization, but very true. Even the safest Pole is a danger. They are thinking all the time of themselves and obeying the rules so the police don't catch them or they don't fall into an accident. This mentality fails to predict what the other drivers will do. The American way is to PREDICT and make room for variations on this prediction.

I have heard from MANY friends of some friend or relative DYING in an auto accident here. I am shocked at how many die in their car. There is no state patrol and there are no freeways, except just short stretches around major cities or the one that goes for a few KM then ends. Yet Poles are driving as if the two-lane country highway is a freeway. INSANE!

I have witnessed 7 accidents in 3 years here in Poland and all of them were fatalities. I have NEVER witnessed a fatal accident in the US. In 3 years in the states I might see two accidents, but none fatal.

If it weren't for my predictive American driving I'd be dead more than once here! The anger on the road is amazing too! It puts California to shame.
Krakowianka 1 | 243  
28 Feb 2009 /  #62
Polish drivers are crazy. They always think they are driving an ambulance... like its an emergency to get where they are going.

In the US we have fender benders, in Poland its usually totalled cars & fatalities.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
28 Feb 2009 /  #63
strange, couple of years ago if you commented on how appalling polish drivers are, all you could expect was torrents of abuse and accusations of polonophobia.

but just a couple of years later the whole world and his dog knows just how bad they are

im glad people are waking up to this - maybe it will save a life or two

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