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Polish Driver's License if I have a Canadian license

7 Nov 2008 /  #1
If I have a Canadian driver’s license and want to drive in Poland I know I can only driver up to 3 months. My question is can I get a Polish driver’s licence if I show them that I have a Canadian license or it doesn’t mean anything and I would have to take a road test like everyone else?
7 Nov 2008 /  #2
You'll have to take the theoretical (written) test. There is no reciprocal agreement with Canada that would permit a simple exchange. As long as your CDN license is still valid, you won't need to do the medical exam or practical (driving exam). If your license is expired, you'll need to have the medical.

Look at the thread that was here a few days ago concerning taking the written test in English.
bil - | 1  
9 Nov 2008 /  #3
you can convert your canadian licence into polish driving licence without any writen test or road text but they will take your canadian licence , i did that i convert my licence in poland and they took my licence and issued me polish licence without any test , there was a fee 90 polish Zl i guess
16 Nov 2008 /  #4
why not get an International Drivers Permit??? I'm Canadian and got my IDP, its valid all over the world. Valid for 1 year. You get it at any CAA office in Canada. You can also download the form, fill it it, and mail it to them, they will issue the new IDP. You must use your Canadian License with the IDP for it to be valid.

give yourself 2-3 months to get it all completed, the sending and receiving
Maluch 30 | 95  
31 Dec 2008 /  #5
2- 3 months?? or how about 20-30minutes!!

Go to your local CAA office, pay the $20 odd dollars, and bring 2 passport photos. They will issue an International License on the spot.

boom - 1 year Driver's license. alternatively, if your move is "permanent" surrender your Canadian license to Polish authorities in exchange for PL one
2 Jan 2009 /  #6
2- 3 months?? or how about 20-30minutes!!

as a holder of an IDP for 2+ years, I was quoting how long it would take to get the renewal done if one was residing in PL at the time.
2 Jan 2009 /  #7
I have commercial driver licence. Does it mean i can exchange my canadian licence for polish commercial licence too?
26 Jan 2009 /  #8
From what I understand Canada isn't part of the Road convention signed in Vienna, and states aren't either, so you have to write the theoretical exam and get your license translated. Not sure how Bil just simply exchanged without writing an exam.. care to elaborate Bil?
30 Jan 2009 /  #9

I am a Canadian (with a dual citizenship, both Polish and Canadian), and will be in Poland / Europe for the years to come. Would you know the following if I want to change my Canadian license to a Polish one?

1)What tests do I have to take?
2)What documents do I have bring with me to take the test?
3)Where can I get study materials to write the test?
4)Can I do it in English?
5)Who do I have to call / contact to make the arrangements in Warsaw?

Thanks so much in advance...

5 Feb 2009 /  #10
Yes, there is an exchange. I know people who have done it from USA and Canada.
You don't need to take any tests.
I've also heard people from Poland going to Ukraine to get their license there b/c it's cheaper and exchange it for a Polish one.
adamh - | 1  
23 Apr 2009 /  #11
hi,i would ask if i can change my libanese driver's license,i leave in england,and i've got statement as a refugue and a british travel document,can you give me information,if there is possebility to change it in poland.
19 Jun 2009 /  #12
no you cant, to exchange any driving licence from abroad into a polish one, you have first be a legal residente in poland need to be inssued with a karta pobytu,( Temporary Residency card) and if you have this after six months of been residing in poland you would be able to convert your licence from abroad into a polish one. This is the only way i know, and if you want to do this just to make a bridge for use it in uk for example, they will know that this licence has been converted from a non eu country because on the back of this licence there is an code with a number advertising that and it will be valid for up to one year only for use in uk, and not will be valid to re-convert to a uk one.
7 Aug 2009 /  #13
Hello again, Could someone please tell me a contact of a ministry or the right telephone number to call to find this all out? Thank you, Ann
7 Aug 2009 /  #14
To find out what exactly?

If you mean 'how to exchange a Canadian license for a Polish one': do not give up your Canadian license!. The only advantages are that you don't have to carry an international driving permit with you (and it's no hardship to carry one) and you do get points when you'll pulled over for speeding.

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