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Polish Canadians

30 Jun 2007 /  #91
sovereign nation as of 1887
7 Nov 2007 /  #92
Hey does anybody know which universities have a large number of polish people ?
arek1109 - | 2  
8 Dec 2007 /  #93
According to the 2001 Canadian census, 817,000 Canadians claim full or partial Polish ancestry. - Polish Canadians Facebook Group or - Polish Canadians PoloniaBlog Group

Canadian Polonia Network
Polonijne blogowisko lokalnych ciekawostek, filmików i fotek. is a multilingual platform dedicated to connect Canadians of Polish ancestry.
22 Feb 2008 /  #94
i'm a polish canadian.. and i love it.. i love this country and i love the people ...i live in the beautiful victoria, b.c. we have great summers and very mild winters... you can say it's a paradise... i'm a nurse working at the local hospital ... i speak with as accent and i love it... im a very respectful member in my community and i have never beed mistreated in any's about who we are and what we represent as a person that make others pay attention... one more thing.. the only a'real canadian " are aboriginal people".. the rest emigrated here just like me.. and they know it...
Mali - | 300  
3 Mar 2008 /  #95
I'm a polish canadian! I was born in poland but immigrated with my family in 1989 when I was 4. I now live in a suburb in Toronto and love it here!

Also, there are plenty of Polish people in Mississauga, one of Toronto's neighbouring cities.
felicitakk - | 3  
10 Mar 2008 /  #96
hi guys,
i am new here...I am Polish living in London, UK, but I s want to move to Canada. I love your winters and falls....

I went to Ottawa for a month in Feb this year and I am absolutely in lovvvvveeee...
I love the snow, I was excited like a baybe when I experienced my first canadian storm or when my boots wher full of it....

is there anyone interested in marrying me, coz the visa process is so fregging long.. just kidding btw
OP miranda  
10 Mar 2008 /  #97
I went to Ottawa for a month in Feb this year and I am absolutely in lovvvvveeee...

it is one of the coldest cities in Canada. If you like winter this is your country. 6 months of winter is definatelly something you should try and see for yourself. Most Canadians are not tha tcrazy with winters since they have to pu tup with it every year, but you seem to like it, so.....there are no visas to Canada for Polish citizens, so the door is open.
10 Mar 2008 /  #98
Amen sister! They are sooooooo looooooooooooong!
felicitakk - | 3  
10 Mar 2008 /  #99
there are no visitors visas, but we still have to apply for a work permit or skilled worker visa which takes up to 2 years and is costly....
28 Mar 2008 /  #100
My name is Hanna.I come from Poland.I need some work in Canada.Maybe u may help me.
My mail :
Devinsky 2 | 4  
1 Apr 2008 /  #101
haha i'm here man! actually it feels like most ukrainians here have polish surnames, and most "average" canadians cant make any distinction between poles and ukrainians! i'm a little ukrainian as well but it seems that polish culture is wayyy overshadowed by all things ukrainian! just because the ukrainian community is much much larger
OP miranda  
1 Apr 2008 /  #102
ust because the ukrainian community is much much larger

you are a liitle overboard with your comment. Welcome.
Devinsky 2 | 4  
1 Apr 2008 /  #103
sorry miranda but all you have to do is check out the census of Winnipeg :P, the number of people who report as polish is much much smaller then the amount of people who report as being ukranian. that is because there was a greater immigration of ukrainians from Galicia at the start of the 1900's. it's not overboard , it's the truth. i wasnt saying that there are more ukrainians in the world, just more in winnipeg then there are poles. :)
OP miranda  
1 Apr 2008 /  #104
i wasnt saying that there are more ukrainians in the world, just more in winnipeg then there are poles. :)

I see. It that case you are absolutely righ. I am of Ukrainian heritage as well, but born in Poland.
Andrew78 - | 97  
1 Jun 2008 /  #105
To Felicitakk
I also live in Uk,and i want to move to Canada,do u have any info ,whats to best way to immigrate to Canada.Also where do u live in UK.

See ya
19 Aug 2008 /  #106
Hello there,
my name is £ukaś, I'm originally from Gdanśk, my Family and I are trying to emigrate to Canada. We've checked all the points we can achieve, and we have chances over my father and the skilled worker program. He's a wood tecnology engineer, 52 jears old and has more than 25 jears experience in his profession.

Now we're searching for a job for him in Canada, we need an employer who would support us.
Can anybody here give us a tip?
My father can speak polish, german and a little bit english. We're all improving our language skills, actually, but most needed for us is a job for him.

We're thankfull for every hint.

Andrew78 - | 97  
19 Aug 2008 /  #107
No have to be from Middle East to get into Canada.
rdywenur 1 | 157  
6 Sep 2008 /  #108
Toronto and Montreal has Poles. I know definitely that Toronto does and also a cousin of mine moved to I think Montreal from Poland. Anyone know any Kania's in!
Zosia 1 | 51  
15 Nov 2008 /  #109
hey everyone,
i live up in northern canada and I only know 2 other polish people here, most of them are all down in southern Canada where it's a bit warmer! I've lived in Canada most of my life and I came to this country when I was 4. I still go back to Poland quite often to visit family and would even consider moving back there if possible. I do wish I was closer to a Polish community, but this forum is pretty good, lots of interesting topics.

Zosia :)
SeanBM 35 | 5,806  
15 Nov 2008 /  #110
Hello Zosia,
And welcome to the polish Forum.
What is it like where you live?
I am from Dublin, Ireland and Live near Krakow, Poland.
Maxix - | 1  
17 Nov 2008 /  #111
Hello there,
I m Piotr I from Warsaw, I looking some people can help with first steps in Canada. I living in Dublin 3 years time now. Me and my girl like to moving out from Ire to Ca next year so I m looking new friends. Somebody can tell me how is the easy way start looking job, house and rest useful info about Ca(Toronto, Hamilton). If you have some info email me pls

Thx people
Zosia 1 | 51  
23 Nov 2008 /  #112
Hi Sean,
where I live it's cold! but beautiful, the temperature today is -22 celsius! i think it's our first cold day of the winter.

you live near Krakow? How lucky! it's such a beautiful city, i have some family that live there and I try to visit Krakow when I visit Poland but I'm usually in Olsztyn, which is quite far from Krakow.

thanks for welcoming me!
dat 2 | 62  
23 Nov 2008 /  #113

I love Olsztyn! I was here for my friends' wedding. What a beautiful city and lots of nice people. Oh and Polish weddings are awesome!
Zosia 1 | 51  
30 Nov 2008 /  #114
Polish weddings are awesome!

I have never been to a Polish wedding sadly. I would love to go to one. I've been to plenty of Polish funerals though....

I love Olsztyn too, I miss it very much.
z_darius 14 | 3,965  
30 Nov 2008 /  #115
Oh and Polish weddings are awesome!

If you remember a Polish wedding then it means you didn't fully participate ;)
Snowman1984 - | 10  
18 Feb 2009 /  #116
my grandma was off the boat i guess that makes me a quarter breed :)
4 Mar 2009 /  #117
Hey everyone

Just wanted to inform every one that the is a Polish-Canadian Youth leadership Conference that is happening. It is being organized by the polish club at Ottawa University and it is a nation wide event. There is a number of events organized including a social, night at the embassy, and special guests. Great networking opportunities!

You can register and find more info on the web site. The registration deadline is April 1, 2009

Here are a couple of links that can give you more information as well as my email.

(Above: Conference event on face book)

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