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Car Shipment from Poland to the UK

22 May 2007 /  #1
Does anybody know where I can find any Polish Companies that can ship a car back to the UK?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
glowa 1 | 291  
22 May 2007 /  #2
ship a car? it's gonna cost you a fortune. you'll do it quicker and cheaper is you go to Poland and drive the car back, unless you're talking about unregistered/smashed car, but I doubt it's that.

There's plenty of garages that bring cars from germany and holland to poland, so they do the trip anyway. don't know any specific one, though. where from in poland you need a car shipped?
OP scarbyirp  
22 May 2007 /  #3
I need to ship it from Gdansk to London. I can't take the time off work (in London) to drive it over. I reckoned that it would cost around 5000zl or there abouts??
adilski 2 | 105  
22 May 2007 /  #4
polish express
glowa 1 | 291  
22 May 2007 /  #5
they can do it:

what you can do is type "spedycja międzynarodowa Gdynia" in google - yes, in Gdynia because most of the transport companies are there around the port and it's 20km from Gdańsk. most of them will have sites in English.
OP scarbyirp  
22 May 2007 /  #6
Thanks guys . . . very helpful
leedzlad 1 | 3  
8 Jul 2009 /  #7
Merged: Shipping a car from Poland to the uk

Does anyone know where i can find info about shipping my car or getting it to the uk from poland?
Vincent 9 | 935   Moderator
8 Jul 2009 /  #8
Would it not be easier and cheaper, to drive it to the UK from Poland?
leedzlad 1 | 3  
8 Jul 2009 /  #9
Not sure really just looking for advise really and it would be hell of a long drive wont it?
8 Jul 2009 /  #10
Only about 20hrs to London...
leedzlad 1 | 3  
8 Jul 2009 /  #11
Then we live 4 hours from London this would kill me driving all this way
Bartolome 2 | 1,085  
8 Jul 2009 /  #12
Have a sleep in German motel - I'm sure they have motels in Germany - or do they ?
g60edition 6 | 175  
9 Jul 2009 /  #13
Took me 26 hrs from Portsmouth to Zawoja with a few nap stops.I have a VW Passat Diesel and it took the best part of two tanks each way.Got the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk.On my way home I broke the journey up and stopped in Castrop.
benszymanski 8 | 465  
9 Jul 2009 /  #14
Took me about 26 hours doing Krakow to London in an old van that wouldn't do more than 60mph and with regular breaks to rest. I recommend the Dover-Dunkirk crossing with NorfolkLine ferries - much cheaper than the Dover-Calais route in my experience.

If I had been doing that run in a car I reckon I could have done it in about 18 hours.
g60edition 6 | 175  
9 Jul 2009 /  #15
Thats interesting.What route did you take?
benszymanski 8 | 465  
9 Jul 2009 /  #16
actually I have done that route about 5 times now (return journeys) and sometimes I change the route a little bit but basically there are 2 main routes.

There is the one that goes through Germany via Berlin as per or you can do a similar route but go via Dresden instead.
Mister H 11 | 761  
11 Jul 2009 /  #17
Wouldn't it be less aggro to buy a British registered car ?

As long as you look carefully enough, there are some good bargains to be had on the 2nd hand car market.
11 Jul 2009 /  #18
Used cars in the UK are so cheap now. You could probably buy a car here for the cost of the journey from Poland to the UK, and it would probably run for a year, then next year you do the same :)
Mister H 11 | 761  
11 Jul 2009 /  #19
Used cars in the UK are so cheap now.

If someone is planning on sticking around for a bit, this would be the best course of action.

It would also mean that you wouldn't have to register with the DVLA after six months.

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