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3 weeks in Poland and a wedding!

Dawidku 3 | 12  
1 Oct 2007 /  #1
I have had so much fun in Poland and spent 3 weeks this summer there between August and September.
Arrived at Katowice at midnight and was delighted to have three Poles with a baner sayig 'we love you David Lumsden' :).

Check and you wil see my photos.

I can't really write too much but will answer questions on it all. It was great spending three weeks with my girlfriend in Rybnik and spending my time with her.

Anyway, I'll speak about the wedding. 11am
It was my girldfriends cousins wedding. We arrived at the church, no-one else was wearing a kilt. We walked in and I was give a złoty and told I will need it to put in a basket later. I walked in with the many extended family and stood as silently the bride and groom walked down the aisle and did a wee prayer and sat down. I can't remember much of the ceremony as it was heavily catholic, ad I felt so uncomfortable, I didn't know what to say, everyone was saying/singing things and going up front to do things. I did walk around the back of the church with everyone where they kissed there hands and the cross and bowed down a few times. I chose to just dposit my coin the basket.

After we ent out and I said 'Wsztego Dobrego' to the couple and gave them a big sloppy kiss on the cheek ;). Then threw a bag of coins on top of them. They picked them all up, I thought this was hilarious. Then about 100 cyclists turned up to go to church and 2 blocked the way out and demanded vodka to let the married couple pass. The best man whipped out 2 bottles and they were on their way.


We went on to the reception where we had champers and the married couple threw their glasses over their shoulders THEN cleaned it all up! We all went to the dining room and stuffed our faces and drank lots of vodka - I opted for Wódka żołądkowa gorzka. YUM YUM. It was eat eat eat for hours and drink drink drink. I was surprisingly sober for the amount I drank. We started dancing and I stuck with Misia most the time and we had some mad rock n roll dncing, the chicken dance etc.

5-6pm Misias sister and boyfriend and misia and me went to the hospital to visit her dad who is unfortunately just diagnosed with cancer. He was very happy to see us and I loved the smile he gave me! haha. Loved the kilt as did al the other patiets having heartattacks as I paddie ba'd past them.

At some point a ueue formed to get photos with me and my kilt which was hilarious and there were some funny ones. As we done some circle dances with the couple in the middle a man was having his own private rave in the corner of the room :D. This was excellent. I kept getting adopted by drunk polish non-english speaking men who forced me to drink vodka and speak Polish to them. At points in the meal when people shouted stuff in Polish across the room I would shout back my polish reply and the room would roar into applause. FAB!

At midnight all the men fought as the groom threw his tie over his shoulder, I didn't catch it and the girls did likewise with the bride vale. Was amazing. The two who caught the items had a dance.

One woman had a birthday and was thrown up on a chair and bounced up and down while we all sang sto lat.

4 O'clock in the morning we are told to leave because the dj is tired. We stay another hour and then all these relatived even people who did not know my girlfriend took me away for little chats about what a great catch I'd got. It got on my nerves a bit and I said goodbye to the happy couple and we went home. We went to bed and were dad to the world. I could not walk anymore.

It's also worth mentioning I went to Magia Rocka, a big Polish rock concert where HEY were playing. I liked this band so much I went to see them on Saturday in Edinburgh!

Any questions just ask. I'll be on here sometime.

hello 22 | 891  
1 Oct 2007 /  #2
Great report, I wish you all the best.

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