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Polish Wedding - Catholic Church Wedding Programme

sylvia001 3 | 5  
9 May 2009 /  #1

I am currently building up my wedding organiser. Could anybody please help me find a Polish Catholic Church Wedding Programme? I've got a complete English Programme already and would like to incorporate the Polish programme.

Yes, I'm getting married next year to a lovely Polish man - in Gdansk.

Would really appreciate all your help =)
polakita - | 10  
12 May 2009 /  #2
I don't understand what you mean, what programme? Wedding is the Mass and then the party.
OP sylvia001 3 | 5  
15 May 2009 /  #3
programme is the one where you have the bible readings, the church songs, etc. =)
mrowlands9482 - | 1  
10 Aug 2009 /  #4
Hey, maybe you could help me? Do you know what paper work is required??
krakuskabanos 4 | 43  
30 Nov 2009 /  #5
Nov 30, 09, 13:02 - Thread attached on merging:
Catholic Church Wedding In Poland

hi guys.

i am an oriental girl and my Polish husband and i are planning to get married in a catholic church somewhere in Gdansk. we already had our civil ceremony in Gdansk a few months back.

do any of you know what the regulations are for a catholic church wedding in Poland? is it true that we cannot book it immediately? somebody said that we need to wait for a year or something. i dont know what we need to wait for. the information was vague and it really irritated me. what about the marriage seminar? i heard that catholic churches in Poland require this before marriage. i perfectly understand that. but what if we reside in the UK and cannot afford to fly to Poland just for this (because obviously we've got jobs)? how can a Polish church here in the uk help? can they?

i hope somebody out there can shed light on this matter.

many thanks.

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