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Inland Fishing in poland

outintheyard 27 | 517  
1 Feb 2008 /  #1
Are there much fresh water lakes in poland and what kind of fish do you catch . We have bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, carp and some others here in IN
hairball 20 | 313  
1 Feb 2008 /  #2
There're lakes all over Poland. I'm not sure of all the different kinds of fish but for sure trout and carp!
OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
1 Feb 2008 /  #3
trout because of the cold water. I wonder about pike or walleye? Also are some of the lakes fairly clean compared to other places you have been?
Kowalski 7 | 621  
1 Feb 2008 /  #4
There are ten thousand lakes in Mazury region alone but countrywide there are not THAT many lakes. Only close to 1% of all land are lakes, Scandinavian countries have 10% share and more. Other Poland region with many lakes is Lubuskie (west Poland, close to German border). I don't know about kind of fish either. My 14 year old neighbor goes fishing several times a month in Odra river and I often see fisherman on the banks. It is a popular sporting (?) activity in towns but not that many take traveling to the lakes for some fish.
hairball 20 | 313  
1 Feb 2008 /  #5
Also are some of the lakes fairly clean compared to other places you have been?

The three lakes I've been to in the mountains here in the south are quite clean!
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
1 Feb 2008 /  #6

Yes. Szczupak. My gf father fishes for these. In Poland you can also fish for eel, perch, roach, bullhead (catfish) whitefish and some others I'm not sure of the names.
OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
1 Feb 2008 /  #7
How am I going to get the bass boat into the mountains?
OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
1 Feb 2008 /  #9
So access is not a problem. good What about a license ? Is this a requirement? I am definetly going to travel there with my son . Can you give me locations on thes good clean lakes in the mountains?
hairball 20 | 313  
2 Feb 2008 /  #10
What about a license ?

On our lake here in Żywic it's 200zł per annum! But I don't know if that covers you for more than our lake!!
OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
4 Feb 2008 /  #11
Hmm ! good to know at least that there will be a cost . Now if I am from another country and don't pay it . What are the consequences?
Lukasz K  
5 Feb 2008 /  #12

As I am also a fisherman (I prefer cathing trout for spinning or fly but I also use other methods) I can say something about fishing in Poland.

Natural lakes are present only in northern and western Poland so in the area where glacier were present (there are also some glacial lakes in high Tatras). In southern and central Poland thre are some arificial lakes (reserviours on the riers) but there are quite a lot of rivers. Some of them are quite big - Vistula, Narew, Bug, Warta, Odra.

Polsh waters are mainly very warm in the summer so you wouldn't find much trout here. There is no trout in the lakes at all (there are some relict populations in few deep lakes in Gdansk region and some in moutain reservours that came from the sreams but the probability of cathing them is none). There are no trout and grayling (those fish usulally live together here) in central Poland. You can fid them mainly in small forest rivers and brooks in the lakelands and in moutain streams and bigger moutain rivers below the reservours (watr comin from reserviours is colder).

The fish that are found in all lowland rivers and reserviours and in northern lakes and are cahed on artificlal lures are pike, perch (simillar to American yellow perch but bigger) , pikeperch (like walleye in US but also bigger), catfish and few predatory cyprinid fih: asp and chub (those mainly in the rivers).

But in Poland also very popular is float fishing for no predatory cyprinid fish as roach, bream, carp, crucian carp, barbel, tin id (Leucius idus) and a few others.

But to tell the truth there is generally lack of fish in Polish inland waters becouse if there is about 2 milion fisherman in Poland the amount of water for one fisherman is one of the lowest in Europe (we have only 7000 natural lakes biger than 1 ha and only 29 are biger than 10 km2 and about 40 bigger reserviours and our rivers that are not coming from the moutains lack of water - near by me there is Wkra river that is 250 km long and 30 m wide and 1m deep at the end). That is why in most of places cathing somtng better than a few roach and perch is very hard and Polish fishermen (that have some money) are choosing mostly to spend their fishing holidays abroad (mainly in Sweden that is near the license are cheap and the amount of fish is hudge).

I didn't want to discourage you. there are some good fishing sights in Poland but you have to know them.

OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
5 Feb 2008 /  #13
Thank you very much for the insight Lukasz . Have you fished in Sweden? SOunds like a good place to go.
Lukasz K  
5 Feb 2008 /  #14
Yes, I have ben there twice.

Once in northern Dalarna (500 km north-west from Stockholm). Wonderful remote wild place with trout and grayling rivers and lakes with arctic charr and smooth hills covered by boreal forests and swamps. I have caught there some perch and pike too.This is the southernmost place in Sweden to find real trout waters (in the south of Sweden as in Poland waters are too warm - there are some trout waters in the south but the fish there are mainly stocked rainbw trouts). Accomodation and licences there are much cheeper than in the south (and than in Poland). Licence allows you to fis n all waters in region and costs about 100 zł/week.

For he second time I have been in the south at Asnen lake. It is a great but shallow lake with thousands bays and rocky islands (characteristic for Scandinavia and Canada). tis full of pikes up to 1 m and bigger gigantic perch (about 30-40 cm) and pikeperch. There are also all the cyprinid fish as in Poland. Accomodation was a house at the lake standing a few kilometers from nearest willage with motorboat. It was quite expensive but worthy. Licence for the half of the lake (but the lake is 20x30km) costs 150 zł/week. It lies just 1 hour from the ferry from Poland.

But the most popular by Polish and German fisherman (and the most expensive) is fishing at the Baltic sea coast of south-eastern Sweden. Becouse Balitc is a brackish water sea (near Polish coast 0,7 % - when the ocean 3,3%and when you go north and east is is less so Bothnian and Finnish bays are freshwater) near te coast which looks just as these lake (shallow water 2-10 m deep, thousands of islands - compared to Gorgian Bay at lake Supreyor but much biger) the water is fresh and you find there freshwater fish - mainly pike and perch but also pikeperch atlantic salmon, sea trout and cyprinid fish. To fish n the Balti Sea in Sweden you do not need any licence, but it is hard to find accomodation during the season and beeing surounded by Polish fisherman is als not what you expect while fishing abroad.

OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
5 Feb 2008 /  #15
Lukasz, great info I definitely must try this. What are your preffered baits for pike and pearch?
Lukasz K  
5 Feb 2008 /  #16
For the biggest pikes big wobblers are used in trolling and jerkbaits while spinning in shallow waters over the weeds. For perch and pikeperch also wobblers but smaller. In Poland for example we use quite a lot of "gums" (twisters, rippers) but in Swedish waters "hard" baits are probably better becouse there is a lot of hungry fish and they need more "energetic" stimulation. Swedish fsherman use mainly very simple spoons and they have also good results. At he coast in some angling spots (campsites) you can hire a guide. It is expensive but worthy if you are coming there for a week and don't have time for searching for the best places. When I have ben on Asnen I had best results in last three days becouse it took me four days to get to know what, where and when. Of course if you have an echosound it takes less time. If you take boat from special angling site it can have echosound but I am not sure. We just rented a cottage from a farmer via internet. It was cheaper but we relyed on ourselves.


we used this site but it only mensions cottages in one komunne and there is much more and everything is quite easy to find on the web.

I know it is polish forum but I strongly recommend to visit Sweden. it is a beautiful countr where everything is so calm and predictable that it is a god oportunity to take a rest from "alvays in a rush Polish cities". The problem are only the prices of food but if you go for a week or two you can take a lot with you and of course eat some fish.

OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
5 Feb 2008 /  #17
Thank you! and I must say, you should come to the US sometime and fish for steelhead in Lake Michigan as well as lake trout . It is a very good time as well .Oh, and perch is good there to!
ranjit 1 | 11  
15 Feb 2008 /  #18
I fish alot in poland, thre are some decent trout streams around me in the jelenia gora area. the fish are there but they are hard to catch. I find catching pike in the resovoirs to be much easier. getting a lisence is not difficult but needs to be planned a bit. The main problem with fishing in Poland is that the fishermen keep everything that they catch regardless of regulations. The flyfishermen seem to be much better about the rules thank god. But the typical village fishermen are horrible about following the rules. I think that you could have a good time lake fishing in the north west region as well as the northeast region. Also I hear lithuania is erally good for fishing. Let me know if I can help

OP outintheyard 27 | 517  
15 Feb 2008 /  #19
Back slap those boys who are keeping the baabbies with a big pike across the head. Thanks for the info.
ranjit 1 | 11  
15 Feb 2008 /  #20
iLikePiwo 1 | 7  
3 Feb 2009 /  #21
Thread attached on merging:
Trout fishing in Poland?

I was wondering if there is good fishing in some of Poland's rivers. A friend told me the San River is good, but he had no idea how to go about getting a fishing license.
Lukasz K - | 103  
5 Feb 2009 /  #22
You can try this but I think they are something like travel agency, and if you would buy licence yourself it would be cheaper.

Or only in Polish:

Best regards

iLikePiwo 1 | 7  
8 Feb 2009 /  #23
thanks Lukasz, how would i go about getting a fishing license? i have had no luck looking online for this info...
Lukasz K - | 103  
16 Feb 2009 /  #24
You can for sure purchase it at the place from fishing guards (before you start fishing), but becouse the number of anglers per day is limited it is better to book it in advance.

There you have phone numbers to fishing guards, but I cannot say if they speak English

Best regards


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