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Ice fishing near Warsaw

Johnk 1 | 1  
1 Nov 2008 /  #1

I am visiting Warsaw in Feb with friends and we have the crazy idea of trying ice fishing or ice sailing,,,

Any ideas of a company that we can do this through, I know we'll need to travel north for a few hours to find the frozen lakes

Thanks all
dcchris 8 | 432  
1 Nov 2008 /  #2
well if we have a winter like last one you will be swimming instead of fishing
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
1 Nov 2008 /  #3
If its a mild winter the best idea is to buy a fish tank from the pet shop , stick it in the fridge for an hour , and hey fishing in any weather...
OP Johnk 1 | 1  
1 Nov 2008 /  #4
How about curling in warsaw - There seem to be several clubs, can members of the public hire any out

Any other winter activities that you can recommend in or around Warsaw, thanks
Lukasz K - | 103  
4 Nov 2008 /  #5
For exmple buzing a ticket to Rome...
But to be serious as a person born and living mz whole life in Warsaw every year I dream about escaping somewhere in winter...
It is extramely cold (but without much snow - just some greyish patches) or wet and windy...

Last two winters we havent got any ice at all...
But usulally there was some for a few weeks in january and febuary.
Th you can visti ZegrzyƄski Reserviour. I have seen there also some ice sailers but I don't know if you can hire those vechiles...


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