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Buying a Motorbike in Poland! Work Camp in Warsaw.

ganzang7 1 | -  
23 Apr 2009 /  #1

My name is SEONGDONG PAK, 21 years, from SOUTH KOREA.

I'm supposed to participate in WorkCamp in Warsaw this summer.

After WorkCamp, I'll have a trip from Warsaw to Madrid Spain by bike.(by 125cc scooter)

I have only 2 days for buying the bike, registering, insuring.

I wanna buy the USED scooter, and Sell again in Mairid after trip.

TELL me anything about buying, registering, insuring for a foreigner.

thank you!
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
23 Apr 2009 /  #2
Wait for opinions from foreigners who bought a vehicle in Poland, but for me it looks like a very difficult task. If you know Polish bureaucracy, you can say it's a "Mission Impossible".

You should start all the process from the day you arrive to Warsaw, not wait till the end of the WorkCamp.

Also the prices of used cars and motorbikes are rather high here (it's not like in American movies, where you buy a car for 1000 dollars, drive 3000 km and sell the car again, for 500 bucks. In Poland you'd rather have to pay a lot, if the bike is in good condition, and you have only 2 days, so no time for doing any repairs).

I'm afraid the registering process takes much longer than 2 days (they are printing the registering cards in one place, probably in Warsaw, then they send it by mail to your local office), and if the seller is from another district (or city), then your office has to wait for all the papers to arrive by mail - it also takes time.

In this case you could have 2 solutions:
1/ Temporary registering card and plates, but I'm not sure if it will be easy to sell the bike - it's legal, but the buyer in Madrid might be hesitant

2/ Using the previous owner's registering card and plates, according to Polish law you can do it for some time (but I'm not sure if it's one week or two weeks, or maybe something have changed), probably a new insurance might be needed (issued for your name).

In this case you should rather have your buying contract with you all the time, but then again the language might be a problem if you travel accross the Europe - the contract will be in one language (probably Polish) and you'll be visiting several countries, with different official languages. Selling it in Madrid would be still legal, but you better have at least the Spanish translation (made by a sworn translator - you can use a translation agency in Warsaw, they usually offer express services for a higher price, and there shouldn't be a problem with finding a sworn Spanish translator. And you might also use additional validation of the translation - in Spanish Embassy in Warsaw - a sworn translator in Poland is an official job, but in Spain people don't have to know it, so with a stamp from the Spanish Embassy it would be easier - it's important if you don't have much time in Madrid - the potential buyer must be sure that all the documents are legally in order).

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