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Buying land in Bochnia (near Krakow) in five years...

lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39  
24 Mar 2008 /  #1
Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum - I was born in Krakow but raised in western Canada. I'm interested in buying land in the town of Bochnia - it's about 35 km from Krakow - in about five years from now. Does anyone have any idea what a residential lot (działka) costs per square metre? Also, any suggestions for someone buying land in Poland for the first time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
hello 22 | 891  
24 Mar 2008 /  #2
Why in 5 years? But it could be still better timing because then it should be cheaper than today.
andy b 4 | 156  
25 Mar 2008 /  #3
I had a look on

Building plots in Bochnia (in the town itself) look to go for between 50-100 PLN per m2, all dependent on the usual factors of course.

Land in surrounding areas/villages can be even cheaper than that.
OP lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39  
25 Mar 2008 /  #4
Hi guys - thanks for the input. However, I'm unsure why 'hello' thinks it would be cheaper in a few years - between economic growth and the implementation of the Euro, values should definitely be going up. I'm buying in five years because that's when I'll have the capital. Thanks for the input Andy 50-100 PLN/m2 sounds reasonable.
nierozumiem 9 | 118  
26 Mar 2008 /  #5
It really depends on how close you want to be to Bochnia, and whether you want land for building, agriculture or recreation.

A plot zoned for building within 400 meters of the rynek will cost about 1000 -1300zl/m2. Within 2 kilometers from the rynek will cost you about 125 - 300zl/m2. The next "ring" out of about 2-5km will cost about 50-100zl/m2. After that, you are into the different outlying villages and can expect 30-50zl/m2, or cheaper. All of these prices depend on access to gas/water/sewage/electricity/etc.

Having said that, you will be very hard pressed even today to buy anything within that 5km zone as it seems that every plot is already a building site, with very few plots listed on the market. I can't imagine that there will be much left in 5 years time.

I both agree and disagree with HELLO's comment about the prices going down in 5 years. On one hand, you will have missed out on any opportunity central to town, on the other hand, I don't think that plots in the outlying villages will retain their long term value. This isn't the UK or Ireland. There is plenty of land, and people are leaving the villages in droves.

However, Bochnia will be directly connected to the new Autostrada A4 (directly in to town) by the UEFA Euro 2012, so things could be a bit frantic in Bochnia at about the time you are looking to buy.

Bochnia has become very trendy over the last 2-3 years with young professionals raising families outside of the city. It is a good sized city with access to shopping/services/good schools/etc. The express train will get you into the centre of Krakow in 30 -35 minutes. The A4 will only make it more attractive.

Try this link (just type in "Bochnia" in the "Miejscowość" field):
OP lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39  
26 Mar 2008 /  #6
That's great nierozumiem - thanks for the information. I am new to the Polish real estate market, but not averse to living away from the town centre. Cheers!

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