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Should Poland let in refugees from USA ?

plk123 8 | 4,148  
23 Sep 2009 /  #61
I think Poland's version contains inverted fingers ;)

RevokeNice 15 | 1,859  
23 Sep 2009 /  #62
i do understand what to be refugee, 30 years a go, i was one!!

Explain please.........
szczeciniak 4 | 92  
23 Sep 2009 /  #63
germany hamburg in early 80
being called polish swine, (my answer to that : german swine)it worked:-)
worked in zdf hamburg it was not easy at all, if not one Jewish lady(Spock polish)
she helped alot.
i must say that with time , it was getting easer.
then migration to Australia, and if you think you know english? think egain!
knowing and speaking!!! big dif , australians do not speak like erik bena.
but once egain , with time i have learned every thing needed to be learned(still learning)
fair amount of refugees related things!! right?
MareGaea 29 | 2,752  
23 Sep 2009 /  #64
Reverse discrimination is the name of the game in the USA

Maybe. But we all take turns. The coloured ppl in the US have been subject to discrimination for centuries and now the white ppl are subject to it for a maximum of 8 years. After that it will probably be over. Just endure :)


Hm, you wouldn't say at first sight that Obama is Irish.


M-G (more coffee)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
23 Sep 2009 /  #65
Eurola, I'm quite sure of it. I am ably assisted by an expert on such matters :) Check it out.

Seanus (thinks M-G is a coffee junkie)
sledz 23 | 2,250  
23 Sep 2009 /  #66
white ppl are subject to it for a maximum of 8 years

Only 8?
Obviously you dont live here, its been happening for decades.

BTW: Sledz, I was referring to the Obama administration, which will last for 8 years max.

I think he`ll only be a one term president, I definetly wont be voting for him:)
mvefa 5 | 591  
23 Sep 2009 /  #67
First of all, which refugees are we talking about?
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019  
24 Sep 2009 /  #68
"Slavic" comes from the fact that the Romans used them as slaves?

Słowianin comes from the word 'słowo'

You both are right
But the word Slave comes from Slowianin to say it like that.

Romans took Slovianins as captives and made them work for them, then most captured people were Slavs so the general word for captured workers became Slaves!

Ta da!

Refugees from USA? That's my dream come true ^^
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
24 Sep 2009 /  #69
this refers to my point but not M-G's, Mr Grunwald.

You also have to ask yourself why most other nations have nothing akin to Niemcy.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019  
24 Sep 2009 /  #70
You also have to ask yourself why most other nations have nothing akin to Niemcy

I totally agree with the history of Slowianin! But the word SLAVE comes from Romans taking many slavic people as Slaves....
gumishu 12 | 6,000  
24 Sep 2009 /  #71
Slowianin comes from the word "sława" which means fame

noone really knows where does the name come from

might be that it comes from 'słowo' (a word) - meaning people who speak intelligible language as opposed to 'Niemcy' (dumb=unable to speak)
Tymoteusz 2 | 353  
24 Sep 2009 /  #72
Can I bring my guns and constitution? I also like to work and be generally productive, Will that be a problem?
mvefa 5 | 591  
24 Sep 2009 /  #73
Can I bring my guns

why you wanna bring guns?
Tymoteusz 2 | 353  
24 Sep 2009 /  #74
Duh, For kill'in. Oh, and ensuring my basic human rights.
vetala - | 382  
24 Sep 2009 /  #75
But the word SLAVE comes from Romans taking many slavic people as Slaves....

Not only Romans, I'm afraid. Ask any Arab why do they call Slavs 'Saqualiba';)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
24 Sep 2009 /  #76
Then explain the great vowel shift, geniuses. Why is it SlAvic and not slave-ic? Show me some proof that the Romans were involved.

Why did the Romans, using Latin, use a Germanic word in slave to describe Polish/Slavic tribes? It's like a Scottish guy using a Japanese word to describe a Pole. Boku ha Porando jin desu, LOL
vetala - | 382  
24 Sep 2009 /  #77
For the same reason why Poles are called 'Polacy' instead of 'Pole-acy'. The word 'Slav' doesn't come from 'slave' it's the word 'slave' that comes from 'Slav'.

And why do you think Japanese call Poland 'Porando' and not 'Porushuka'? because that's a transliteration of the English word for Poland.

1) So what is the problem then? Are you denying that Slavs used to be enslaved en masse in the past? In that case just go to Gniezno and look at the scenes from the life o Saint Adalbert of Prague - one of them was his protest against the passivity of Polish rules towards the continuing enslavement of now Christian Poles. And if you prefer something closer to our times, you can check what did the Trinitarian Order do for Poles and other Slavs in the 17th century.

2) Yes, I am Polish.
3) As I recall, katakana is used for loanwords.

Please, try and keep to the topic, which is: Should Poland let in refugees from USA ?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
25 Sep 2009 /  #78
1) No denial here. But admitting the existence of sth doesn't translate to spurious claims about its historical origins.

2) Polish, ok

3) You recall well. Tori is hiragana (sorry, no Japanese syllabaries on my PC). Chikinu is katakana. Both mean chicken (tori means bird but is used for chicken too)
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
25 Sep 2009 /  #79
imo there should be a huge fence on the polish - american border
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
27 Sep 2009 /  #80
Southern will confirm that sclavus comes from sclabos (Greek word). Slavus (Latin for slave) was used in the 8th century in the Middle Ages. The Polish/Slavic root of that word came LONG before that.

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