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There is no Muslim in Poland

Goko - | 3  
9 Oct 2007 /  #91
Yakup - Yakub and i dont think so many muslim took that name.. But at least i can say around of me not much that name.. Rather arabic names or regional names you can find where you are going.. Giving name to baby is ceremony also in islam believing, when baby born and came home, the oldest person of family comes and read Kuran for health and long life, and one second when he-she reading read stops and says baby name.. But thats changing with new generation.. Rather mom and dad responsibly and traditions running away from peoples for new world hehehe but what gonna be in this new world ? One big super-power, i dont think so..
Iskra 1 | 42  
9 Oct 2007 /  #92
our children will make your race a bit darker

It is already happening - But personally... I think that is a good thing. Mixing in these days is probably the first key to world peace, because no one can really be "racist" then, though I think you will always find a small percentage of morons that will have a big mouth and find anything to be discriminating against.... But also being mixed... makes us little more interesting... and often mixed kids are always better looking, having the best features of both sides...

Dont think all Polish are racist... its not true, just ignore the idiots. And congratulations on your soon-marriage. I wish you all the happiness in your life :-)
9 Oct 2007 /  #93
racism comes from jealousy and lack of understanding of humanity
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
9 Oct 2007 /  #94
i dont think racism stems from jealousy.. as for lack of understanding of humanity, isnt that the same place that homophobia comes from? You seem to be contradicting yourself somewhat.
9 Oct 2007 /  #95
no I am not polish KKK but my family was from the south in America.
11 Oct 2007 /  #96
Quoting Iskra Dont think all Polish are racist... its not true, just ignore the idiots. And congratulations on your soon-marriage. I wish you all the happiness in your life :-)

Thanks and I know that not all Poles are racist got many Polish friends - just a bit weary as i come from a background i.e. South Africa and all that apartheid racist crap - and now finding that I have to listen to the above racist comments quite annoying and frustrating. Hope that my soon marriage to Pole will not remind me of the racist hell I was put thru as a child when I do visit poland. Have fought all my life for freedom and now in Europe it is still an ongoing issue but then i guess this prejudices will always exist. Thanks for your message.
12 Oct 2007 /  #97
We (90% of Poles) are very happy to have no muslims and black in Poland so far.

Poland doesnt have problems with racism ,also because there are no people who will charge us for it.

I dont care political correctness.. I want to live in Poland, in Europe, not in africa or india..
Lady in red  
12 Oct 2007 /  #98
We (90% of Poles) are very happy to have no muslims and black in Poland so far.

As a matter of interest, how come you are the spokesman for 90% of the Polish population ?

You must be a very important person if you can speak on behalf of 90% of the Polish people ? You should go into politics, you'd get a landslide victory,lol.

And i think you are a 'Troll' because i understand that there are Muslims and Black people living in Poland.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
12 Oct 2007 /  #99
In my opinon most of Polish rasists havent even talk to any black or muslim (because we dont have a lot of them in Poland) ... and their are rasist because they have seen a lot of american movies or for example riots in Paris (in TV) ...
12 Oct 2007 /  #100
since most people on this forum a of a cristian persuasion your fellow brethren the most hated muslims like myself we belive in a common ancestory

christianity agrees whith the muslim veiw of adam then eve my greatest grand perants

so wheter your black white albino latino tall dark and handsome whith just the right amount of black and white mixed to make me tender brown yes im a supermodel if you havent guessed yet so whats the matter?

islam judayism and christianity allbelive in our common ancesstory from adam and eve what we fighting among the family tribes for then? as the holy quran mentions the jews and christians as the people of the book i.e. the turat and the gospel the term kaffar is reffered to the non belivers the aythists the idol worshipers the pagans

as for muslims in poland yes there are a few from the olden vintage days when poland was trying to keep its doors closed and the muslims helped you keep them closed some polish ruler alowed us to stay and breed whith the polish women hence starting a super race Tak

p.s. accept the above as a collaborated statment from the muslims christians and jews and we awill all get on like a happy family i shall be your ruler and expect the most beyutiful polish woman as my wife in eward toghter we shall breed the royal family which will penatrate an perpatrate what you shall do next when haw and where!

nice way of starting a revalotion ;) viva la poland the land of esterkas

yacoob Ya-coub jacob
gohar ayub - | 2  
12 Oct 2007 /  #101
it`s my pleasure to joining this community.....
I have joined this community just to clarify doubts abt. the great religion ISLAM...
I am not a scholar....but MASHA ALLAH as a muslim i know atleast the basic of ISLAM...
as i have mentioned above abt. the similarity between GREAT ISLAM N CHRISTIANITY....
sometimes i reallly get surprised to see that why we are fighting with each other as we are from same background......
we have hundreds of similarities...
Here is a great website , which i think is enough to clarify all ur doubts....INSHA ALLAH ( IRF means islamic research foundation )

this is the start of my da`wah ( invitiation for become a MUSLIM )
I am 101% sure that after getting in this website....INSHA ALLAH u all will enter like new concept of islam...
and u will see that how BEAUTIFULL, is islam.....


anyways as i refered this website ( )
for christians they can see one of the great topic ( QURAN AND BIBLE IN THE LIGHT OF SCIENCE )
which insha allah will provide a great information abt. ISLAM....
this debate is a conversion between GREAT INDIAN ISLAMIC SCHOLAR Dr. ZAKIR NAIK & Dr. WILLIAM CAMPBELL which was held in USA , Chicago university in 2000 i guess.....

Due to politics this great debate was not live on TV .....
MAYBE becoz AMERICA don`t wanted to get ashamed or something like that....

n u will be definately surprised by seeing the great knowledge of Dr. ZAKIR NAIK.....

with due respect of all religion...I AM GLAD TO INVITE ALL HUMANKIND IN ISLAM..

for JEWS....HINDUS.....BUDHISAM.....SIKHISAM.....and for all other religions

insha allah u will see that what/ how/why only ISLAM is made for all mankind in this small world....


I respect all religions.... i am not against any religion...
BUT as a muslim this is my responsibility and duty to spread this message to all humankind without any emotional hurtings...

Iskra 1 | 42  
12 Oct 2007 /  #102
Thanks and I know that not all Poles are racist got many Polish friends

I can understand what you are saying. In other ways I have faced certain parts of descrimination in my life as a child and even often now... and it hurts I know. But the best thing you can do it learn to see the ones who think like that, are the ones who probablly have been the bullies since child hood... and they are nothing but ignorant people who lack education of society, culture - and probably haven't traveled beyond their continent.

We are all the same, essentially, and it takes a small percentage of idiots and "bad" people (for lack of a better word) to really ruin the world for everyone who has done nothing bad at all... just try to believe that most of the world is good. :-)

Best of luck :)
Namrata x
saddened - | 64  
12 Oct 2007 /  #103
Anyone who cannot know a thing about Islam is missing half the world exept for the chinese half. If not for the rediculous crusades who knows what would have become of the rest of it. Many centuaries ago.

Islam had rights in its Book before you could believe it. Some places on earth they are still not there yet.
blackadder 1 | 114  
12 Oct 2007 /  #104
i'm little dissapointed,there are too many racists here.
i would gladly marry black girl,but there are not so many blacks in croatia,so competition is high.
i saw this year on the beach near my weekend house a married couple,woman was darker than dark chocolate,you could see only her teeth and eyes.long curly hair.but she was pretty.her husband was thin German,half bald with thin blond hair.

thay had two most adorable children i have ever seen-two 2yo twins girls with blond eyes,curly hair and much less dark skin than their mother.

so mixing is beautiful thing,it could teach us tolerance.

oh yes,i want to congratulate all muslims their holiday Kurban Bayramı!!!
espana 17 | 910  
12 Oct 2007 /  #105
blackadder , i like your avatar.....axel rose used a t shirt which said 'kill your idols' ,,,we should do this....... so dont congratulate people who have idols like these muslims

but xmas is not to bad!!!!
and jesus better
12 Oct 2007 /  #106
Sometimes noble ideas cause more pain than all the bad together..

Sometimes you are respected that you take care of your identity, family, country and customs.., sometimes you are racist for the same..

All is a questions of arguments, style and .. faith or lack of it, which decide about final result.
blackadder 1 | 114  
13 Oct 2007 /  #107
i like this comment.

. so dont congratulate people who have idols like these muslims

look,i have idol of st Mary in my house,and a Jesus on a cross.
My religion teaches me are Spaniard,I suppose christian as well?
23 Oct 2007 /  #108
Let me remind you, that Poland/Lithuania had many Muslim families and mosques in the 16th centuries. The recent racism you are spouting stems from Nazi ideology which ironically massacered many poles. Since Muslims are Semites and so are Jews I take it you don't like Jews either?

How small minded you are to exlude Muslims.
6 Nov 2007 /  #109
Islam is the largest growing religion in the world , saying there are no muslims in poland is like saying there are no catholics in turkey, there are there just a small number . The number more likely will be small because poland is a strong strict catholic country , with one of it's own people being one of the most achknowledged, respected, and loved popes ever in the history of the catholic church. For poland there is are specific traditions that are soo closely entwined with every catholic polak that has been passed down for centeries threw families that you can understand why there is such a strong catholic faith , everything they have endured , and learned and they still have that strong faith and that is amazing. Now to make this point a little more vivid, take turkey for instance a very strong muslim country , they have their own traditions that are based off their beliefs and they have strong faith because of what they have endured, there are catholics in that country very few but they are there if you look hard. Soo all you need to do is look , it will be hard but if you are determined you will find them. It might help to look in a united news letter of the islam relgion , see if there are forums or web pages that take about the relgion and the different cultural backgrounds of the people who are muslim or converting.
6 Nov 2007 /  #110
catholocism is a religion that encourages tolerance hence there are many shades to the catholic tree.


in regards to your previous post, on marriage to a muslim chap, i understand that you do not have to convert and can live in peace but have you thought about educating your boyfriend about your own religion, the smallest things that happen before christmas, why you eat fish on fridays, etc etc, in islam they share similar experiences but they have a huge difference in their perception of jesus christ... there is toelrance and respect in the world, and families are very important. one thing you should think about are your children what values will you teach them and what values you wont. your husband may not be practising at the moment but people change, how will you cope, its not bad being a practising muslim in fact they are quite impressive as they are very disciplined, you should expect every situtaion, if the lord has writtin this then it will happen, have bible and koran classes, best wishes
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
7 Nov 2007 /  #111
I have posted a new topic on the General Discussion page about a program I heard on 'Moscow Mailbag' from the Voice of Russia on Tuesday November 6, 2007...I have provided a link also to the Voice of Russia websire, where you can hear the program...

It might lead to some discussion.

The administrator reposted this thread of mine from General Discussion to an obscure location; for what reason I don't here:

isreal - | 1  
3 Nov 2009 /  #112
moslim centrum lublin: poland.
BrutalButcher - | 391  
11 Nov 2009 /  #113
Thanks God there are few Muslims in Poland.

It must be heaven

Nazislam sucks.
jcharles106 - | 4  
13 Nov 2009 /  #114
does anyone know what is the percentage of Christians/Muslims in Poland?
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
13 Nov 2009 /  #115
There's 25.000 Muslims in Poland, there's 38.5 milion people in Poland, approximately 90.7% are Catholic Christians, 1.4% Orthodox Christians, others 7.9%, off the top of my head Muslims make about 0.14%.

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