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Contemporary Issues of Poland - survey/game

19 Jun 2007 /  #1
Hi everyone. Currently I am involved in an Internet forum styled game. It is a political simulation where you get to have total control over one country. Luckily, I got Poland. I come here to ask all of you for some information regarding the country in order to better myself at the game and gain some knowledge of Poland and it's people(I'm kinda into learning about different cultures). Here are some questions I have.

1. What are the major political/economic problems that are going on now?

I understand unemployment is a problem and the US missile shield.

2. What is the industrial economy like? How many automotive manufacturing plants are there in Poland and what other major companies are there?
3. Has Poland introduced any kind of grant given to parents of new born children yet?
4. When are the next president, pm, and parliament elections?

Any other issues I should know about?
horunPoland - | 109  
19 Jun 2007 /  #2
1.Political lustration/decommunisation and to ceep voting system in EU parlament/ econimic hmm lots of problem the biggest is to low avarange salary
2. In region where I live are many factors also automotive for example Opel GM in Gliwice, FIAT in Tychy, in other place are also Toyota MAN etc major companies :

ORLEN - polish biggest rafinery
LOTOS -also rafiner
PKE - polish energetic company
PGNiG - polish gas and main c.o
there are several stealworks. mains, AGD and RTV companies etc
3. Yes polish govermant given "becikowe" to each couple who have new born child.
4.Next parlament elections will be in normal way in summer 2009 and next president elections will be at the end of 2010. (each 4 year election for parlament, each 5 year for president)

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