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Doda - Kaczynski - Tusk - any connection?

polcanuck2 1 | 1  
19 Nov 2007 /  #1
So i just finished watching "teraz my" on itvn. Donald Tusk was on for an interview then at the end he was surprised by a visit from Doda who sang for him.

The interviews said something about "dzikie rozkoszy" prior to the performance.

Does anyone know what rozkoszy means? And is there a connection/significance between doda and tusk? What about the song? It just seems like i'm missing out on something...
sledz 23 | 2,250  
19 Nov 2007 /  #2
who cares about Tusk give me Doda:)
krysia 23 | 3,058  
19 Nov 2007 /  #3
"dzikie rozkoszy

Wild pleasures
pumba - | 2  
20 Nov 2007 /  #4

There are not any connection between Tusk and Doda. I dont know are You know that Tusk is new Prime Minister of PL and Doda is stupid blond singer (if You whant read something about Doda visit web site: )
OP polcanuck2 1 | 1  
20 Nov 2007 /  #5
Of course i know who doda and tusk are. I have a pretty good understanding of the polish language, however sometimes there are words here and there that i am not familiar with. I missed the first part of the interview and as a result i thought i was missing out on something...

20 Nov 2007 /  #6
Doda is stupid blond singer

don't say that, Sledz is in love with her. Welcome to the forum btw
pumba - | 2  
20 Nov 2007 /  #7

I happy that people in other country interested PL.


many people in like/love Doda but I think she is stupid, but I understand that she is attractive woman ;)

if anybody whant read something about Doda visit web site:
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
20 Nov 2007 /  #8
Oh yes DODA building industry staff loves her
Phantom2009 - | 3  
2 Jan 2009 /  #9
Merged: What is the relationship between Lech Kaczyński i Donald Tusk?

I just saw this video and I wanted to know what is so funny about the relationship between Lech Kaczyński i Donald Tusk?
I am British and I don't really understand Polish Politics.
Could someone explain this to me?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
2 Jan 2009 /  #10
Couldn't hear the audio portion but from past observance Tusk and Kaczyński are like fire and water, cats and dogs, two political foes hoping to win the 2010 presidential election. Since Tusk is the cleverer and Kaczyński the clumsier of the two, it seems Tusk will prevail according to all suvreys conducted so far. What do other Forumites think?.
ladykangaroo - | 165  
2 Jan 2009 /  #11
two political foes

..and both originate from Solidarity movement in Gdansk, which makes it even more interesting.

Since Tusk is the cleverer and Kaczyński the clumsier of the two

Which did not stop Kaczynski from winning over Tusk in 2005 ;)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
2 Jan 2009 /  #12
Indeed, but Tusk took the 2005 defeat so badly that he and his cronies have been gunning for Kaczyński ever since. That isn't that difficult becuase Kaczyński is rather easy to provoke, and Tusk is availing himself of every opportuntiy to do so. He does it with kid glovev, however, and leaves the more vicious ridicule to the likes of Palikot, Schetyna, Komorowski and Sikorski.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
2 Jan 2009 /  #13
The duck connection :)
Phantom2009 - | 3  
3 Jan 2009 /  #14
Ha Ha very funny. I had to get my Polish wife to explain that to me :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
3 Jan 2009 /  #15
In Scotland, we say that sb who is stupid is a daftie or just daft. Close to Daffy which the Kaczyński's are. Donald and Daffy, LOL
southern 75 | 7,096  
3 Jan 2009 /  #16
What is the relationship between Lech Kaczyński i Donald Tusk?

It is a poly relationship.
Phantom2009 - | 3  
5 Jan 2009 /  #17
Thank you to everyone that helped me with trying to unravel the relationship between Lech and Donald.
Thanks to my Polish neighbour that couldn't tell me the reason why their relationship was so bad but he did tell me this joke and I thought I would share it with you.

Before the Kaczynski twins were born their mother told their father that she was not having just one baby, but she was going to have TWINS!"

Amazed at how she could know so soon after getting pregnant, their father asked her how she knew.

"It was easy," she said, "I went to the pharmacy and bought the 2 pack home pregnancy test kit and both tests came out positive!

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