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Internet connection with MAC computer in Poland

Selina 6 | 11  
7 Jan 2008 /  #1

Can anyone advice how to get internet connection with Mac computer here in Wroclaw. Dialog don't seem to have any solution for this, at least this is what I was just told. I have a Windows computer and working connection with that (with dialnet installation cd), but now with Mac I can't get online since Dialnet does not support Mac. Any idea what to do?

Is there any other internet provider who can solve this? Would really want to use my computer...

z_darius 14 | 3,968  
7 Jan 2008 /  #2
All the info you need:

You will still need all the connection parameters (if any) from your ISP.
OP Selina 6 | 11  
7 Jan 2008 /  #3
Thanks, I think they are the same as they have been for my PC - so let's take some coke and order a pizza and be a computer nerd for a moment. Heh! :-)
Lady in red  
7 Jan 2008 /  #4
Surely there must be some other MAC users in Poland ? Having said that, support in the UK hasn't been available from everywhere. Hopefully that is starting to change as more MAC's are purchased.

Good luck with it.

If you have any problems, get in touch with Apple support they are great !

15 Jan 2008 /  #5
We have a Mac and have no problems. Our internet provider is Multi Media. I don't know much about computers but having a Mac was never a issue.
15 Jan 2008 /  #6
I've got a mac too and it's not a problem - I just had to let my ISP know my computer's ID so they could authorise it.
hu_man 6 | 131  
15 Jan 2008 /  #7
does anyone no if chello supports mac at all
Brapp 1 | 6  
20 Jan 2008 /  #8
There shouldn't be a problem in the first place. It's just a different OS, all the internet properties are the same.
hu_man 6 | 131  
21 Jan 2008 /  #9
i didnt think there would be a problem but since i moved here everyone has been talking smack about the mac ... a bunch of macaphobes
6 Mar 2008 /  #10
I have had a powerbook G4 for a number of years and have had no problems connecting to the internet with chello, PTSA or the old UPC cable.
jkn005 1 | 127  
11 Mar 2008 /  #11
I have a mac, never had an issue with my router/modem (bought my own) and my service from TP. I think the issue could be using the free modems like TP's Livebox (what a piece of crap that is). I'm not really familiar with the service you use.

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