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30 year old English guy, met woman of his dreams - from Poland!

jimbobuk1977 1 | 4  
6 Sep 2008 /  #1
We have many polish employees at my company, & we recently had a student over working in the holiday, she is funny, young & beautiful.

I have finally met the girl of my dreams, but now she has gone home & I feel really low, I don't even know if she knows how I feel, I dont how she feels, I don't even know why I am saying any of this here! I planned to visit her in Olsztyn hopefully in October or November, but I am now not so sure its a good idea.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
6 Sep 2008 /  #2
she probably has no idea about your feelings (unless you told her, but by the looks of it you didn't) so if you just go and visit her out of the blue you will seriously freak her out. the girl is just a pretty face and a nice set of pins, you developed this crush on her that she has no idea about and now you're planning to take it further and make yourself look desperate and a creep. let her go, or if you really want this try contacting her first and find out if the attraction is mutual.
OP jimbobuk1977 1 | 4  
6 Sep 2008 /  #3
Sorry I didn't explain the whole situation very well, I have been friends of the people she was staying with for about 2 years, & have spent many an evening drinking with them. On the day before she was going home, I had been speaking to her & in the course of the conversation asked her to marry me, to which she instantly said "of cause", I then spent the rest of the evening talking to her & my other friends, later that night I told her that I would miss her & she said she would miss me too, so I said I have some holiday still I could come see her, she asked "when?", I said october, with a large smile she said yes, good.
Wroclaw Boy  
6 Sep 2008 /  #4
Sounds like loooove to me, go for it buddy take the risk what ever it takes. You got nothing to lose.
OP jimbobuk1977 1 | 4  
6 Sep 2008 /  #5
You really think so?
I have been messed about so much by english women, I am a little nervous about this as I have not really had much contact with women from other countries in this respect.

Hmm, I have to say I am not convinced now, I receved an email last friday, which was the last contact I have had, I tried to call her & she don't answer, so I think I am going to leave it, for a while, unless she contacts me.

Is this normal in polish culture to play hard to get?
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
11 Sep 2008 /  #6
She is a woman, forget the fact she is Polish and ask yourself that question again.
Dekameron 1 | 146  
11 Sep 2008 /  #8
Just a thought, if you asked her to marry you completely out of the blue she might have treated it as a joke or you might have already freaked her out, not to mention there might be a boyfriend back there.

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