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How does Polish men feel towards Asian girls??

13 Apr 2007 /  #61
Witek doesn't give anybody credit
13 Apr 2007 /  #62
Witek....need some more...go on you know you love it.

So happy, satified, if you check the photo with the gilrs geting drunk, you should spot Tammy and Laura.

Man, hard life, nightclubs, models, champagne, gee how do i cope:)

So Witek, me 'ole mucker, 'avin' 'ad a butchers at the muff in my strife, its clear I'm tickled pink. T'cha agree
LoneStranger 3 | 382  
13 Apr 2007 /  #63
Post hijacking going on here! ... Hijacked already!... Looted... :)
witek 1 | 587  
13 Apr 2007 /  #64
Giles i don't understand

"me 'ole mucker, 'avin' 'ad a butchers at the muff in my strife, its clear I'm tickled pink. T'cha agree" :)
13 Apr 2007 /  #65
Ok, translation.

As you can clearly see, my dear friend; I'm contented with the ladies in and around my life.
witek 1 | 587  
13 Apr 2007 /  #66
you are saying you slept with those models? maybe :)
13 Apr 2007 /  #67
No way, there my friends, my missus would kill me. No these are just the girls we kick about with:)

Have deleted their photos, don't know if they'd appreciate me flinging them around

Oh and here a snap of the girls round my friends house, cor hard live innit.

13 Apr 2007 /  #68
Oh and here is me with Fiaz, my buddy. See Witek, La Dolce Vita


LoneStranger 3 | 382  
13 Apr 2007 /  #69

This guy have lost it. Hijacking... behaving crazy ... just look!
13 Apr 2007 /  #70
LS I've spent all bloody week stuck in an office (not my usual place), for 12 hrs a day.
So yes, i probably have lost it. by Sunday night I will have worked 73 hrs in 6 days.
So yes again am feeling alittle strange.
LoneStranger 3 | 382  
13 Apr 2007 /  #71
spare a thread! ... go get a walk... watch a movie... take a nap!

Look Giles... this is an honest advise. Maybe you are at stress... but staring at the computer wont help it....take a break....we all need that.

I would sleep now if I were you... or go out to a park....or see 'The Blue Lagoon' :) ... or call my girlfriend and have a good talk...

But then.. if you just wanna be here.... then start a thread where you go all crazy.....why break someone elses Sand Castle (if you know what I mean).
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
13 Apr 2007 /  #72
This guy have lost it. Hijacking... behaving crazy ... just look!

Yay Asian women.......

Sometime topics just die LS
LoneStranger 3 | 382  
13 Apr 2007 /  #73
Sometime topics just die

I know FISZ...I'd like to see it die then be killed :) ...
13 Apr 2007 /  #74
here to the rescue my good man...enjoy :)

13 Apr 2007 /  #75
my gf's favourite actress.

13 Apr 2007 /  #76
and another...

13 Apr 2007 /  #77
i think it is time for me to go beat the monkey :)

3 May 2007 /  #78
I think Asian women are great. I love them.
OP Sha 1 | 4  
5 May 2007 /  #79
Great to know;)
Which part of PL are you at?
Add me in msn if you have one,maybe we can chat someday.

Take care!
9 May 2007 /  #81
Pathan girls from Pakistan are just like Polish girls--- very beautiful, that is why Poles like them. Other South Asian girls are also pretty but they apply mustard oil on their skin and hair, that is why they smell like French fries. Also Indian girls are very hairy and I think they would give good business to Polish barbers. Chinese girls are also nice but they dont shave their armpits and are related to Indian Sikhs I think. For me, the best girls are from Krakow.
Joe Budzisz  
30 Oct 2007 /  #83
I am of Polish heritage and i like Asian women. But i was never able to impress them. I guess they prefer intelligent men to just white men ?
PeterCpt 2 | 37  
18 Feb 2008 /  #84
I'm Polish and have a Japanese girlfriend. She's Roman Catholic though which is pretty rare for Japan and she's very sweet although she looks much younger than she is,

so her age being 21 - she looks 16 to some people, which means passport
checks in places where booze is sold. Oh well :).

Personally I like both Caucasian and Asian girls. :)

As for looking as good as Polish girls, it depends, I tend to take it on an individual basis :).

^_^ <---- obligatory Japanese emoticon.
donna parker 2 | 5  
1 Aug 2008 /  #85
Thread attached on merging:
Are polish men fond of asians? If true, from which asian country?

Also, what type of skin color? What height and built?
1 Aug 2008 /  #86
is this about the scarf man again? Post a pic and they will tell you.
donna parker 2 | 5  
1 Aug 2008 /  #87
Thread attached on merging:
Which asian nationality do polish guys like the most?

Also what type of skin and hair color, height and width? hahaha I want it specific!
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
1 Aug 2008 /  #88
what type of skin color?

See the the N-E and E areas of the color wheel below. The color saturation should be low to moderate.


1497mm to 1613mm


not too fat but preferably with clearly protruding breasts.
fenugreek 1 | 1  
4 Aug 2008 /  #89
I like many Asian nations girls. :) Well, the best one for me is a girl who speak English well n is humble. In this situation it is easiest to find Filipina one. :)
Twilight_missy - | 5  
8 Sep 2008 /  #90
polish men, in my opinion, are more outgoing and funny.

lol! I agree 100% in to that! I have a polish bf. and we're rubbing off the shyness and outgoing attitude we both have from one another.

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