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How do u know if a polish man likes u?

salsa 2 | 11  
10 Nov 2009 /  #31
maybe its the alcohol
I think you need to read the book: He's just not that into you! Dont watch the movie read the book so much better. Its not how do you know if a polish guy is into you. He is a man. If he is calling you NOT TEXTING, if you asks you out on a date that has to do with something else rather than alcohol, and if he just tells you. When men like a woman it is known and we dont have to go crazy trying to figure out if the guy likes u or not. So find someone else.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
11 Nov 2009 /  #32
shame those Irish prats were not "Rough" enough when fighting a Polish guy... HaHa :-D
I think it's commonly happening cause I was in Ireland once and they seemed scared when heard my polish accent when being in one "rough" pub :-)

That looks like the fight scene out of Bridget Jones - was your clip supposed to be funny?
Wulkan - | 3,243  
11 Nov 2009 /  #33
was your clip supposed to be funny?

yes! the way these Irish guys fight was funny, if they fought each other instead of the Polish bloke that would be something better then the scene out of Bridget Jones :-)
Seanus 15 | 19,704  
11 Nov 2009 /  #34
How do you know if a Polish man likes you? Hmm...I guess he shares his quality vodka with you :)
OP new2this 1 | 5  
19 Nov 2009 /  #35

he did share his vodka......;)
kamau 2 | 9  
19 Nov 2009 /  #36
I would do so by paying him some vodka and some russian blini.
Deiseaj - | 8  
9 Dec 2009 /  #37
that Vid couldnt have been in Ireland, most of the cars had British reg plates.......

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