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Too many generalisations on Polish women

4 Jan 2007 /  #1
After reading many topics on this board (and admittedly not posting too many) there are too many posts which refer to Polish women (mainly) but also men as if they are some kind of unique species. Yes cultures do differ right across the world but the most important thing is that PEOPLE also differ right across the world.

As an example i will use posts such as how do polish women like to be treated, what do they like etc etc etc etc etc. For me every person has been made unique and although their may be similarities each person is an individual. Getting to know a persons little subtle differences is fun and is called getting to know someone.

As a male i also find it a little bit embarrassing for guys posting an e-mail address and asking 'beautiful polish ladies to get in touch'. I thought this was a forum not a market (lol) and how many successful relationships transpire from these invitations. Go out and meet somebody, if you lke polish women then perhaps try to strike up a conversation, where im from there is always that oppurtunity.

I myself am not Polish but i have a good circle of polish friends. Yes the culture differs but the more time i spend with them i also realise many similarities between my own way of life. Like every nation there is good and bad although my friends seem to be really nice people. They like different things and i have just tried to be myself. I am not in a relationship with a polish woman but i take a certain girl out every now and again we talk and laugh like normal people, she is really nice but im not asking her to marry me on the 1st date (or even worse on the internet). I treat with respect as with any person and she is definitely unique!
4 Jan 2007 /  #2
we need more posters like this one that aren't morons.......The amount of crap i have read on this site based on stereotypes is sad and disgusting in a lot of respects..........

welcome :)
Ranj 21 | 947  
4 Jan 2007 /  #3
there are too many posts which refer to Polish women (mainly) but also men as if they are some kind of unique species.

Well, it is a Polish forum, although I do agree with what you say. I think part of it though is that most who ask questions that might seem silly are not really familiar with the culture and so they have a sincere desire to learn.

As for posting ones e-mail and asking for "Hot Polish Women/Men" to e-mail them, I think there are other sites where those people might have a little better luck----all it takes is a valid credit card:)
OP lee06  
5 Jan 2007 /  #4
Thanks for the welcome Marek and yes Ranj it is true that many posts are sincere questions from people who are not familiar with the culture. However there are also many that are not.

Like i mentioned in my post i am comng to realise that their are many similarities and many of my Polish friends (in there early to mid twenties) are not to dissimilar to me. We have that same live for the weekend kind of philosophy, work hard but also play hard. Not all Polish women are fantastic homemakers and why should they be. Im not doubting that some are but we live in an ever evolving society and soon Europe will be so blurred that we will be talking about european cultures and traits rather than being more specific.

All i know is that i am glad that we have been given this fantastic opuurtunity to mix with so many different cultures but i have definitely found polish one of the most interesting and warm. Like life we learn something every day and it is the same for people, all i am asking is that everybody is treated with the respect they deserve. At the end of the day we are all humanbeings.
6 Jan 2007 /  #5
most interestin thing i no,most of them have big boobs.

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