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A Polish version of "Life Is Beautiful" Movie?

Basia1 1 | 3  
19 Apr 2008 /  #1
Does anyone know where I could purchase a DVD of the movie Life Is Beautiful translated into Polish ? Thank you -
finT 12 | 167  
20 Apr 2008 /  #2
Hmmmm, I take it that you are not in Poland as it is available as a 'cheap' DVD (10zl) everywhere here and also available from the guys selling movies in the street for 5zl.
OP Basia1 1 | 3  
20 Apr 2008 /  #3
Dear FinT,
I appreciate your responding to my email. What do you mean exactly when you reference it as a 'cheap' DVD?
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
20 Apr 2008 /  #4
Do you mean Begnini's "La vita e' bella" ?

here you go:
Życie jest piękne,466202.html

Price = 12 PLN, shipping costs abroad - about 24 PLN. (1 US dollar = about 2,20 PLN), delivery within 24 hours since your placing an order, but of course the shipping takes time (depending on the method you choose)

They have some basic info in English on that site, at the bottom of the page you'll see links:
How to buy at Merlin
International shipping

Życie jest piękne
Directed by: Roberto Benigni
Original title: La Vita e Bella
Duration: 01:51:00
Sound: AC3 (5.1): Italian
Aspect ratio: color, 1.85:1
Disc: 1-sided, 1 layer
Region: 2

Distributed by: SPI International Polska
Subtitles: Polish
Extras: scenes acces, other DVDs from Vision (a Polish reseller company), about the movie, profiles, trailer
(as far as I remember, the extras suck, the "about the movie" and "actors/director profiles" are simply a text information, but it's just a basic version, you can't expect much, except the movie itself, for 12 złotych, I could check it, I have the DVD, but it's downstairs and I don't wanna wake up my family, it's 4 a.m. here, so if you insist, I could do it tomorrow, but I'm almost sure, it's just the movie and no interesting extras).
OP Basia1 1 | 3  
20 Apr 2008 /  #5
Dear Krzysztof,
You are the very BEST !!!! Thank you very much for all your information.
P.S - No need to wake your family. Good Night
finT 12 | 167  
21 Apr 2008 /  #6
I just mean it is cheap in price. It has been out in the shops for a few years and is no longer a full price film. The guys in the street sell copies of films that were given away free with magazines and 'Life is Beautifull' was one of those movies. You can pick tese movies up real cheap 5zl's
OP Basia1 1 | 3  
21 Apr 2008 /  #7
Thank you Fin.

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