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Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime

mark007 - | 58  
10 Jun 2009 /  #31
My experience of dentists in both Poland and the UK have been good, although I would say that I went with a polish friend when I had a check up last time. I think if you go on your own and your polish is weak then you might get conned!

I find Americans have great teeth....and even greater bellies!!!
OP polsky 2 | 84  
10 Jun 2009 /  #32
I am swiss and not in 1000 years I will be able to speak polish, as you can easily imagine...
dnz 17 | 710  
10 Jun 2009 /  #33
I can point you in the way of a good dentist, She isn't the cheapest but is an absolute star and really honest. My family regularly fly over to be treated by her. She was recommended by a friend who has been using her since she was a child. £15 for a filling seems quite reasonable to me.

I think you were just unlucky as a lot of poles do charge extra for things when they see a foriegner as they assume we are wealthy.
jwojcie 2 | 763  
10 Jun 2009 /  #34
Your healthy tooth dies, but the good fact for them is that you pay for the whole
process about 3000 zl (extracting the once very healthy root, closing the channel,
canal/channel treatment every week, etc)

If you paid 3000zl for canal treatment then you've got robbed. As simple as that, your dentist robbed you. I've got canal treatment in Poland, it took about five visits cost me 250 zł with insurance, without would cost me 500 zł... It was private clinic. CHANGE YOUR DENTIST! (and tell that thief that he/she is a thief)...
AmericanGirl - | 20  
10 Jun 2009 /  #35
Last year I went for a check up to a (private recommended clinic) denist in Warsaw. The dentist said I had 4!! cavities. I did not get the fillings at the time bc he seemed like a shady character. I travelled to the US a few weeks later and went to my trusty dentist of 10 years. I got the X-Rays done and guess what?! No cavities! I don't trust this particular dentist and honestly probably won't see another one. Heard too many horror stories of polish dentists from my Polish (and american) friends!
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649  
10 Jun 2009 /  #36
All those telling that their dentists are to be trusted, seem that
they were simply lucky, and for them a big smile from the dentist
was enough to hand them their money and the health
of their very own teeth.

It's got nothing to do with luck. You should get referals. If your teeth are in bad shape be prepared to pay a lot tho. Anytime teeth need lots done to 'em it costs a lot. Sometimes people will say forget it and get them all pulled. I live in a place where a lot of people have bad oral hygiene and it's really gross. A lot of them never see a dentist when they are young and by the time they are twenty or so they need a lot of teeth crowned or pulled or something and they don't have the money to get all that work done. Best thing to do is brush the teeth, floss them, get them cleaned every 6 months so this situation never happens unless you want a lot of agony later.
T_J - | 2  
17 Jun 2009 /  #37
Hi dnz,

'less than 1000 pln, fillings, root canal, an implant' ? - can you give me the name and address of the dentist? Thanks!
vndunne 43 | 279  
17 Jun 2009 /  #38
Hi DNZ....could you pass on the details here as well as i need to go get my teeth checked.

I did go to a few dentists 2 years back and each had something different to say.
merlinDAwizard 1 | 9  
19 Jun 2009 /  #39
i've always had no problems with my teeth, so i've never lined the wallets of dentists. i could be blessed with super strong teeth, of it just be down to the fact that i started brushing my teeth at a 3 years old, and have had a regular brushing time since then. at least 5 mins! if u take a time into the bathroom with you u'll see 5 mins is actually a long time, and the recommended 3 mins is quite long too. those people who are not honest with themselves will know they miss brushings or just wash toothpaste around their mouths for 15 seconds.


OP polsky 2 | 84  
25 Jun 2009 /  #41
I think you were just unlucky as a lot of poles do charge extra for things when they see a foriegner as they assume we are wealthy.

please do. Until now polish dentists have been either criminals, either criminals... :(
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
25 Jun 2009 /  #42
Either criminals, either criminals? What kind of English is this? ;)
OP polsky 2 | 84  
26 Jun 2009 /  #43
i wanted to underline that they were ALL cheaters, liars, just trying to get more money from you and destroy your teeth,.. etc
Wroclaw Boy  
26 Jun 2009 /  #44
i had a Finnish scumbag dentists try to tell me i needed around £2 grands worth of treatment in the UK once. I had a second opinion and just needed a small filling for about £80. Dentists Polish or other wise are no different to bent mechanics, they give it all the banter and try to put the fear of god in you just to line their pockets. Many obviously get away with it.

They always pull the teeth whitening trick as well as thats where they really make their easy money. i actually had that recently over here, pretty good.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
26 Jun 2009 /  #45
Did he apply the 'finish-ing' touches? Suomi? Sosumi more like :)

As long as he didn't pull more than your teeth, that's alright :)
Gaa 2 | 155  
4 Nov 2009 /  #46
I am 22 years old swiss woman,

ohhhh weren't you Estonian the other time? you quickly change nationality,,,

and who says Polish girls are liars?

girl you need psychiatric treatment...

stupid troll

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