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"K*rwa"-why do young Poles find this word so cool ?

still_wisher 7 | 97  
18 Jun 2009 /  #61
1st day in poland with zero idea about polish language, i asked my wife and her friends a question they found it funny ..
i asked if k*rwa is like a sign ,comma or point because i can hear it after every 2 words when i see 2 guys talking or group of young in streets,bus,..... !!

then later i found it's common word between young ppl .. some old also use it normaly.
pawian 182 | 17,009  
18 Jun 2009 /  #62
Primitive people who have scarce vocabulary and little to say tend to use it often. I also find it repulsive.
On the other hand, it is a good and quick means of recognition when you meet somebody. A few words by him/her and you know you prefer to stay away from the guy.

I heard so many people 60+ who use this word, that it cannot be a generation thing.

Well, probably in some pathologically deranged circles. :):):):)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
18 Jun 2009 /  #63
"K*rwa"-why do young Poles find this word so cool ?

Are we sure that it's Kurwa.

I thought the young used Kurde

Neither of them are pleasant though.
michalek - | 42  
18 Jun 2009 /  #64
very young use "kurczak", watch this:

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
20 Jun 2009 /  #65
Why do English speakers think the word "cool" is so great?
20 Jun 2009 /  #66
Probably they got used to it because of the 'cool' climate we experience here LOL......

I expect, we'd say 'Hot' a lot more if the weather was better <grin>

Cool stuff alright :))

Switezianka - | 463  
21 Jun 2009 /  #67
I've heard people of all ages and social backgrounds use this word. Some people just use it more rarely, so it makes impression they don't use it at all. This word even occurs in classic Polish poetry:

Julian Tuwim: Bal w Operze (Ball in the Opera)

I dalej się wije i tłuszczem obrasta
I nonszalancko ogonem chlasta
Największa atrakcja Balu!
I przyśpiewuje "Komu dziś dać?
Komu dziś dać?
Komu dziś dać?''
Promieniejąca Kurwa - Mać
Kurwa - Mieć
Kurwa - Brać !

More or less:
And she is still writhing
And overgrowing with fat
And lashing her tail nonchalantly,
The main attraction of the Ball!
And she's singing: "who wants to get in on?
To get it on?
To get it on?"
The radiating Kurwa Mać*,
Kurwa - have,
Kurwa - take!.

*common expression of anger, literally meaning "mother"

Jan Kochanowski "Na matematyka" (On a mathematician)

Ziemię pomierzył i głębokie morze,
Wie, jako wstają i zachodzą zorze;
Wiatrom rozumie, praktykuje komu,
A sam nie widzi, że ma kurwę w domu.

He's measured the earth and the deep sea
He knows how daybreak and twilight comes
He understands the winds, [sorry, i don't get Renaissance Polish that well)
And he cannot see he's got a w.h.o.r.e. at home.

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