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"As the Poles Get Richer, Fewer Seek British Jobs" - article

truebrit 3 | 196  
21 Oct 2007 /  #1
Read this:

Indeed, Britain may soon face a novel immigration problem. As Poland's economy has improved this year, immigration has slowed, which economists say could cause labor shortages in British industries.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
21 Oct 2007 /  #2
“We’re very happy here,” Mr. Farbiszewski, 31, said. “The quality of life is better, the economy is stronger, there is less bureaucracy, it’s a multicultural society and the lady in the supermarket will smile at me. People don’t smile at each other in Poland.”
29 Oct 2007 /  #3
"According to David Blanchflower of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, East European immigration has also reduced inflation pressure by increasing the supply of goods and services." NYTimes

strange.. over at the DailyMail that sentence is unpacked a little. What Blanchflower is talking about is a rise in unemployment and fall in wages for the indigenous. funny how NYTimes appears to have totally glossed over that in their puff piece. 3&in_page_id=1770&in_page_id=1770
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
29 Oct 2007 /  #4
- Yeah, folks like yourself have convinced me we Poles should move out of your little island en masse and never come again, not even in our dreams. We'll leave the crappy 'jobs' we do to you and other Daily Mail avid readers. Happy now, stupid creep?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
29 Oct 2007 /  #5
puzzler did you read that interesting article about poles and crime in the uk?

some interesting statistics that must prove something
29 Oct 2007 /  #6
I'll be happier if you go back to Poland and do the crappy jobs there. Least that way it wont be taking food from the mouths of indigenous here via wage suppression.
Zeze 9 | 79  
30 Oct 2007 /  #7
well truth is Lot of more Poles will leave ,and yes life in better in the UK them Here that is a fact . Soon Poland will or have no works for all this new investments them they will all leave and them well them may god have mercy
Frank 23 | 1,183  
30 Oct 2007 /  #8
It may well take a little time to equalize out.......the wages are still very low in Poland.....doubtless the will be a critical point were working and living in Poland outweighs going abroad.

But, when the basic/minimum wage is 5,75zl ( £1.20)an hour ( correct me on this one guys!), and most jobs with a little skill in GB are paying 6/7/8/9 an hour.

When the graduate employees gain more confidence and have better language skills, and they can translate their degrees to UK ones, then lots will decide to stay and earn even better wages!

So unless the low paid/low skilled jobs dry up, I suspect lots will stay for proplonged periods
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
30 Oct 2007 /  #9
Well, if you must than I'm sure that you can prove almost anything.
postie 7 | 112  
30 Oct 2007 /  #10
But, when the basic/minimum wage is 5,75zl ( £1.20)an hour ( correct me on this one guys!), and most jobs with a little skill in GB are paying 6/7/8/9 an hour.

Interesting! It's kind of what I have heard too... but it'd be nice for someone from Poland to confirm this as correct.

(I've heard that people in Poland earn as much in one week here as they would in a month in Poland..)

Maybe this is an entirely different thread.????

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