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Support groups for Drug Culture in Poland.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
30 Jan 2007 /  #1
What kinds of support groups do they have for Poland's young culture in Poland?

I never really thought , with hearing family Values and Religion that it would be
so much a problem.

But, it is, as like in the other countries I suppose.

what do they teach , or do they have Programs for young adults and children to
learn /Educate on the drugs issues.
globetrotter 3 | 106  
30 Jan 2007 /  #2
This may be anecdotal because I only spent three years in Warsaw, but I was given the impression by people I met there that the profile of drug taking was different from the UK in that younger people were not partaking in a great way. In the UK you see very young kids taking them. I got the impression that it was the university age group where the problem became apparent. There was a drug culture amongst the upwardly mobile middle class but that could be just Warsaw - big city and all that.

I'm not launching into a moralistic crusade here but having witnessed first hand the violence and fear among communities forced to grow the raw materials for some class A drugs I would never touch the stuff.
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
30 Jan 2007 /  #3
In the UK you see very young kids taking them.

well, I cant say that i know the age here, but I would guess in certain communities
its more likely, but that might not even be correct, I know we have (according to
each state) support groups, counseling, rehabs.

I just wondered, I am sure its just as frustrating for parents there as is here.

as for Middle class, that surprises me a bit, I cant say the U.S. doesn't have same
but, maybe my impression was off?

not saying that no country faces these problems, but I would think they are lesser
in more stricter atmosphere. and yes I am presuming, but I dont know, so
I would like to hear more on this :)

27 Apr 2007 /  #4
Im Polish and i live in NY LONG ISLAND BUT I know from personal experiences that in Poland Speed cocaine , and ecstasy is a big thing and they start doing it around 14+ but its pretty much the same thing in NY . There is some poverty in places and kids rely on that. In school they dont educate you on drugs, but if they did it wouldn't help anyway because they do i in America and all my friends are in rehab or dead , and in my opinion its getting worse and worse. But most recreational use.
GrandTour 2007  
28 Apr 2007 /  #5
My ventures into the world of Polish night life suggest that drugs of one sort or another are rife. As suggested above, amphetamines seem to be very popular as does LSD, ecstasy and cocaine for those who can afford it. There also seemed to be a lot of grass and hashish being smoked.

The Polish governemt seem to be clamping down of the drug culture and I heard a number of anacdotal stories of police waiting outside clubs and strip searching partiers as they left. The truth in this I dont know.

But what does seem to be the case is the Poland's drug problem is being tackled with the heavy hand of prohibition rather than with acknowledgment and support of drug related issues that we see in other European countries.
sparrow 2 | 243  
28 Apr 2007 /  #6
What kinds of support groups do they have for polands young culture in Poland?

Well, they have pretty good clubs in the Warsaw area. lol...
Lee_England 4 | 51  
28 Apr 2007 /  #7
I would say in Poland people tend to do e's and speed whereas in England a lot more people do coke.

I despise all drugs they are a waste of money.

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