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Socialist Realism in Poland

swiggsy 1 | 4  
31 May 2008 /  #1
hi, big big fan of this fab style, and am looking for more examples of it. I'm not talking Nowa Huta, or Warsaw MDM, PKiN etc, but stuff that's further afield. I've heard for example there's a museum of Soc Realist sculpture in Luberto, and some sort of Palace of Culture in Dabrowo Gornicza (apologies for spelling). Does anyone have any info on these, and are there any other destinations I could track down. I'm looking for the stuff that isn't in the guidebooks, rather a slice of forgotten Poland. Any help, tips or insights would be greatly appreciated. I can't beleive that the soc-realist style was limited to Warsaw and Nowa HUta, but that's the impression I'm getting from my dogged detective work. cheers in advance.
cyg 5 | 119  
1 Jun 2008 /  #2
Well, the most monumental stuff will naturally be in the bigger cities. I haven't seen anything outstanding in any smaller places. Nothing to match MDM or Nowa Huta, anyhow.
2 Jun 2008 /  #3
museum of Soc Realist sculpture in Luberto

That museum is actually in a tiny village called Kozłowka. The nearest town is Lubartów (about 10km I think) and the nearest city is Lublin (about 35km away). I'll be going to check the place out later this month.
OP swiggsy 1 | 4  
2 Jun 2008 /  #4
thank you barry, i think we worked that out last night when we were doing those mushrooms.

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