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Relocation! Relocation! to Poland!

Danny 2 | 91  
16 Aug 2008 /  #1
Out of curiosity, how difficult would it be to just move to and live in Poland?

I'm English and I don't have any extraordinary qualifications; only those I picked up from high school and an NVQ in Psychiatric Nursing, which is worth nothing anywhere ever. I can't speak Polish all that well, though I am learning and should be able to manage on a basic level with what I know. Oh, and I don't have any money.

How difficult would it be to find somewhere to live and work in Poland? Are there any cities that should be avoided (I grew up in Manchester) or any tips etc. in helping the whole thing along? Anyone have any idea of the legal formalities also?

Or am I just wastin' ma damn time??

I have tried to read through previous posts on similar subjects for information but it's 5am, my eyes and brain are tired and I'm just not taking it in any more :D
16 Aug 2008 /  #2
how difficult would it be to just move to and live in Poland?

very difficult, because of:

I'm English

I don't have any extraordinary qualifications;

I can't speak Polish

I don't have any money.

But good luck!!! :D:D
OP Danny 2 | 91  
16 Aug 2008 /  #3
Yeah, figured as much. I guess I'm stuck here then? Not really what I was hoping for but you're probably dead right. It's probably a really really bad idea, just because I've seen my arse at work and decided not just to quit but also leave the country indefinitely in search of greener pastures!! Pieprz Angielsku (?)!!! :D
16 Aug 2008 /  #4
why did you choose Poland as a place to live?
OP Danny 2 | 91  
16 Aug 2008 /  #5
I was dating a Polish sweetheart up until a month ago (I kind of still am but she moved to Jersey... I hadn't really known her long enough to hang on and wait for her). I guess her whole outlook on life, her philosophies and perception of the world just amazed me. She really is an incredible human being!! So I decided to learn Polish (which is a slower process than I anticipated but goddamn I'm determined!!) and I guess the fascination came from there. I hate England and it's people. Living in Manchester all my life has had it's toll on me. I'm 25, with 50 year old skin and an 80 year old soul!
16 Aug 2008 /  #6
so why not to give it a chance? it may be a life changing experience for you... go to one of the big cities and maybe teach English... find a'll make friends... your life may turn around... or up side down ;P ... you are young and still have the time to catch the moment :)
OP Danny 2 | 91  
16 Aug 2008 /  #7
Well, I'm also a musician so 25 is actually kinda old! :D Hm... Well, the way I feel right now I'm thinking I might so go for it anyway. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? But you're right, it could just go horribly wrong and I'll die lonely and miles from home. Still, it's not like I haven't given England a fair trial. Maybe it's worth a go? But how do I get started?? Not overly keen on the prospect of spending my first few weeks there on the streets.
17 Aug 2008 /  #8
how difficult would it be to just move to and live in Poland?

mmmmm ... what are your reasons for wanting to move to Poland .. also any particular area of Poland you are researching and looking into for the relocation purpose (you do have to do your homework as all areas are different) as Poland is quite an extensive country :)

I can't speak Polish all that well, though I am learning and should be able to manage on a basic level with what I know.

at least its a start that you have a basic understanding of the language this could improve whilst you are there ..

I don't have any money.

Then you may find it extremely difficult you cant really expect to move to a country and not have the finances to support yourself ... ie have accommadation as you do have to give a deposit to secure and the rent month in advance kinda thing .. get food .. etc etc

so i would seriously suggest to you that you start saving some money from somewhere ...

How difficult would it be to find somewhere to live and work in Poland?

I would if you are seriously considering it get a CV together with photo attached and start applying for a job but you will still need to know exactly what area of Poland you want to be in ... also you need to attach a covering letter outlining why you are applying obviously for the job and state in the letter your intended date of arrival in Poland and when you would be available to take up an offer of employment.

Look through Gumtree .... .... Eures .... ... ... ... monster (some of these sites are in polish so you may need a dictionary to hand or a good friend to help you out .. dont rely on online translators to much as they arent 100% but will give a fair and i stress fair description of the job)

you can also find jobs listed in press .... to name a couple of sites for you

If need anymore advice im sure others will assist you ... :D
OP Danny 2 | 91  
17 Aug 2008 /  #9
Dziękuję. Bardzo pomocny. My girlfriend was from Krakow so I'd probably look at moving there but obviously I'd need to go there first. I do have some money, in the sense that I earn a half decent wage but most of that goes out on my rent and bills and council tax and such. The idea was to just find a new life, I'm so tired of England. Poland seemed as logical a choice as anywhere else since I'd need a visa to work outside of Europe and I know more Polish than I do any other European language. Admittedly I haven't given this a great deal of forethought but that's the whole point of posting on here - to find out if it's actually do-able. I think a better idea would be to first try to put myself on an intensive language course over there for 8 weeks or so and move from there. Or maybe a volunteer course? They are out there and for that I would have the money.
17 Aug 2008 /  #10

i sent you a pm

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