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Bringing American cash to Poland/banks, money, etc...

Keatsgray 7 | 5  
31 Jul 2007 /  #1
Exchange rates. Do you think it would be best to exchange my American cash at the airport or at a local exchange. Would it be best to bring travellers checks? I will have a credit card with a debit, this is a visa with an account from Bank of America. I am just confused as to what would be the best way to bring my money over. Will this card work at a debit machine in Poland? Once again, any suggestions or help will be appreciated...

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
31 Jul 2007 /  #2
Will this card work at a debit machine in Poland?

i would suggest just using atms - this is what i do in the most part
31 Jul 2007 /  #3
Depends on the town / city. Most of the large ones have bankomats spread throughout the city. You just have to make sure the system posted on the back of your card (cirrus, plus, interac etc...) is recognized by the machine you want the cash from. If you are making a withdrawl, you need to watch the fees your home bank charges. Make it worth your while to get an amount of cash that justifies the fees the banks will charge. Exchange rates will fluctuate a little each day. If your moving there for a longer period of time, it will probably be worth setting up an account there.
bookratt 6 | 85  
31 Jul 2007 /  #4
Don't use airport exchange offices, use local Kantor offices (official money exchange offices). Use atms when in Poland for ready or walkin around cash; do not plan to use use traveler's checks, even Visa internatinal ones, as they are not universally accepted.

At atms, the money exchange/conversion will be done for you but with fees for w/d of money, too may not be in your favor.

See if your bank credit union has a share branch system with a branch or bank in Poland.

Or, use an online bank which charges low wire transfer and EFT fees and just manage everything online, including depositing and withdrawing of funds, transfers between accounts, bill payments, wire transfers, ACH and EFT transactions, etc.

Avoid ING Bank. A friend living in Poland says that's a terrible place to use.

We plan on using ATMs and wire transfers while we're living there, mostly. Cash occasionally, for buying small things, restaurant meals, etc.

Check into this bank called USAA in the US, as some people in Poland have reported it to be easy and low cost to manage and use while over there:

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