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Moving to Jaworzno area. Any American TV channels there?

happy2go 1 | 2  
2 Jan 2008 /  #1
I am new to the forum and looking for information on the Jaworzno area. My company will be moving me there and will also pay for my housing, (up to 1250 Euro's per month). I am wondering what Jaworzno is like and is that the best place to live or should I consider living in Krakow and driving. What is the cost of rent in the area? Is there a satelite company that offers American TV channels? Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

hello 22 | 891  
2 Jan 2008 /  #2
What kind of TV channels do you mean - any particular ones?
RJ_cdn - | 267  
2 Jan 2008 /  #3

Click on
Prezentacja (pps) - 1,34 MB

Film (mpeg) - 33,1 MB (in English)

general info is here (in English)
OP happy2go 1 | 2  
3 Jan 2008 /  #4
Main TV channels we will be looking for would be sports ESPN and channels in the Discovery lineup, National Geographic etc.
hello 22 | 891  
3 Jan 2008 /  #5
If you have satellite, that should be available for sure. Alternatively on cable TV - the hardest part might be to get ESPN which isn't popular in Europe; Discovery and National Geographics are quite possible.
OP happy2go 1 | 2  
4 Jan 2008 /  #6
Excellent, thanks for the information. Will be heading over tomorrow for a look around and do alittle initial ground work. Looking forward to getting my feet on the ground!!

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