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Aster City, it's finally installed but what are your experiences with it?

sobieski 107 | 2,128  
13 Jun 2009 /  #1
Finally they have installed in our block Aster City.
What is your experience with them for Internet/Telephone/TV?

I am waiting for years to give these idiots at Cyfra+, TPSA and Neostrada a goodbye... there was never an alternative...

But is it worth to change provider?
BevK 11 | 248  
14 Jun 2009 /  #2
I'm happy with Aster City. My only real problem was a faulty TV receiver, given that my Polish was too rudimentary to risk a phone call I went to see them on Jana Pawla. Engineer swapped out the unit the next day at a time of my convenience. All good so far. Net side exellent, good fast reliable connection.
Raficoo 3 | 34  
14 Jun 2009 /  #3
not sure what u mean Aster "City" but i'll tell ya i had Aster's triple-play(well.. double i guess cuz there was already a phone line).. 10mbps and about 30-50Basic channels(can't remember exactly) last year for two months and their Service was amazing!! i was always downloading at 1.2MB/S.... never any downtime(well... only once.. the speed slowed down for about an hour but was back then with no-further problems).. so basically.. Yes i'd advise you to go with their services....

as for me.. this Summer i'm trying to see if i can get UPC's 30mbps service in Krakow.. only got 9 days left till i travel :P

just noticed on ASTER's website.. they highered the mininum download speed from 512kbps to 1Mbps, and from 6mbps to 8mbps :)

same Prices.
BevK 11 | 248  
16 Jun 2009 /  #4
I actually have got over 10Mbps before now when downloading.

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