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Help with ASTER Internet

randompal 7 | 306  
11 Nov 2007 /  #1
If you live in Poland and have ASTER internet aT home please advise: I just signed up for the TPD (disk space) so I can download a huge amount of films but how do I actually download them?? I know its not a torrent, but some kind of different access program??
hello 22 | 891  
15 Nov 2007 /  #2
Don't they have any instructions?
Pablo - | 1  
25 Nov 2007 /  #3
Do you have the same problem as me? That you cannot open a port in the router to use programs to download movies?
Zeze 9 | 79  
26 Nov 2007 /  #4
Poland nothing works in this place !!! Amazing God sake
ss13 2 | 19  
16 May 2008 /  #5
Randompal: “TPD (disk space)” – I don’t know exactly what this service is, but from your brief explanation, it seems that it is access to some remote storage server for which you pay monthly fee to be able to store your data there (??). If this is the case, than to actually download the movies (or music) you can use different P2P or torrent software/websites. I have been using something called LimeWire (P2P) to download free movies and music and am quite satisfied with it. Another option is something called DC++ (P2P & Torrents). You can Google both of these to download and install them on your system.

Something you might want to think about: if TPD is indeed a remote storage server, instead of paying each month for that, you might want to get an external hard drive. Cost wise, you’ll be saving lots of money. Now they have these 1 TB (terra bite = 1,000 GB) external hard drives where you can save tons of data. Some of those are quite small as well, so they are also portable.

Pablo: If I understand correctly, you are using a second router (different from the cable router that the ISP has provided) that is connected to the ISP cable router and to your computer (or a wireless router – same thing). You are not able to access P2P file sharing protocols [like FastTrack (this is used in Kazaa, eDonkey, and similar ones), etc]. Now, if all of the above is correct, than here’s how to fix it:

1. Enter the IP Address of your router in the web browser. You can find the IP address of the router on the bottom side of your router.

2. Enter your username and your password. Your username usually is “admin” and your password field is usually blank (i.e. there’s no password). These are the factory setting of most routers, so unless you’ve changed that, it should work.

3. Once you access the set-up wizard of your router, click on “Advanced” and then click “Virtual Server”. The names of those fields might be slightly different depending on the router, but the idea is the same.

4. Click “Enabled” or “Enable” or “Exceptions” and then enter the name of your P2P software/site (e.g. Kazaa)

5. Enter the IP Address of the computer you are running the P2P on in the
“Private IP” field. Select “TCP” for the “Protocol Type”. You can find out what your computer’s IP address is by going on Start>Run>type “cmd”>type “ipconfig/all”

6. Enter “1214” in the “Private” and “Public” Port boxes. Click “Always” under
“Schedule” and click “Apply” or “OK”.

That’s it…it should work. If it doesn’t let me know the details of your router and I’ll help you.

P.S. – Do not enable proxy/firewall in your P2P software when you do the above.

Hope this helps to both of you.


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