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Most cost effective Port to city of Szczecin

kbros 1 | -  
5 Nov 2009 /  #1

I need someones advise as to exporting goods from US to city of Szczecin, Poland, which port will be the most cost effective and time efficient in terms of sea freight. I know Szczecin is a port city but I am not sure if Szczecin has neccessary facilities for imports from other country unloading containers.

I would also appreciate if someone can advise me of the website where I can study on import regulations and import tariffs on used car and household goods.

thank you in advance for your help.

gumishu 12 | 6,086  
5 Nov 2009 /  #2
I have no idea if Szczecin is a proper container port - but I am quite sure Gdynia has - if this does not suit you you can go for Hamburg
6 Nov 2009 /  #3
go through Hamburg!! The Germans get your items thru faster than the Polish. THe Polish authorities like to detain cans and search thru them all, all the time collecting fees while the can is sitting in the yard while they do that.

Never seen container traffic in Szz. You will pay way more in ocean freight to get to Gdansk, then reverse transport to Szz. My 40' containers for my business landed, cleared and transported from/to Hamburg costs:

FCL – D- (Direct Truck)

THC at Hamburg Port EURO 200.00 ea. Cont.
ISPS Surcharge at Hamburg Port EURO 15.00 ea. Cont.
D/O Fee at Hamburg Port EURO 45.00 ea. Cont.
Fiscal Customs Clearance Fee EURO 125.00 ea. Cont.
Onc. Charges ex Hamburg CY to door Szczecin, Poland
incl. Toll Fee
incl. empty return to Hamburg
for 1 x 40'Cont. EURO 1195.00

1580EUR. or about 6800PLN

you will need to get a broker for all this, to make it easier
JohnA - | 3  
7 Nov 2009 /  #4

After declaring the Goods in Hamburg once they are in Poland, do I still need to get the Polish customs deceleration in order to sell my products on the polish market?

or Is it in enough to just put the label with the product description in Polish
and my polish company contacts?

Please advice as I am researching at the moment importing Fruits and vegetables and Juice concentrates To Poland.
8 Nov 2009 /  #5
I was told by my broker that the goods I am importing only are subject to declaration once they've landed in an EU port. I don't need to declare anything in PL. Urząd Skarbowy & CEL offices will have to get your tax payment before the container is released.

You must make sure that in your KRS documentation you have the ability to import items into PL.

Since you are importing food products, you will have to deal with Sanepid. It's a PITA!! You will need to have many documents from the supplier for every single food item-

"Certificate of Sanitation"
"Certificate of Analysis"
"ingredient lists"
"nutritional info"
"Ecoli/CNS 10984"

and ALL of these documents will need to be translated into Polish.

What labeling you need to put on your products will depend on what Sanepid requires.

Don't expect this process to be quick. It took me about 5 months for approval from Sanepid.

Have fun with it :)
JohnA - | 3  
9 Nov 2009 /  #6
So what are you Importing?
Are you in Warsaw ? Can you send me your brokers contacts ?

Thanks for the advice anyways.
9 Nov 2009 /  #7
food products/implements- can't tell u more than that.
not Warsaw. Szczecin
check your PM's

No Problem.

FYI, my container was pre-cleared in less than 12 hours.

I had to pay almost 38,000PLN for ocean freight, duty, customs fee, broker fee, and transport to and from Szz.

I can't wait to pay my taxes to the office.

Have fun with your shipment. :D

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