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3 Jan 2008
Language / What language do you like better, Polish or English? [71]

Geeze Michal! youre such a blimming nerd,but actually

tell you what that is good;) you know why its hard to learn polish greek etc? cause they are called hard languages where you roll the r and all

oh and marek it is hars as its got the ó and all and we have the rz and stuff but english grammar is coplicated too.

oh and in polish if someone had a juper and they wanted someone to put it down it would soun like this
''poloz JA na ziemie''
''put HER down on the floor''as if items had genders!lol;)
1 Jan 2008
Life / Polish Birthday Traditions [42]

hmmm,yeh im sorta changin the topic but we also have something that english people DONT!

we Celebrate our name's birthdays you get presents but not as many as on your birthday, which is actually a shame...
1 Jan 2008
Life / What is a Polish neighbor like? [21]

Well,i'm polish and i think we're ok at being neighbors but if someone has a go at us then we really get fustraded(however you spell it lol)

oh and we're NOT haunted as were lots of tuff babes and were gonna stay dat way for more dan evaaa!!!!!!!!!