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26 Dec 2007
Love / My Polish guy - loves me he loves me not [73]

maybe he thinks you're stalking him. talk to him like a normal person first. maybe you won't even like him. maybe he's just shy. or pick up saturday shifts and get to know him. you'll get the picture if he's interested or not. i personally would think it's weird to get a Christmas card with a note to call wishing a Merry Christmas. i just wouldn't over analyze it. let whats natural happen :) and good luck. i love my polish boyfriend, he's the best.
26 Dec 2007
Love / i Have been dating a polish guy for 2 years and i NEED help [10]

my boyfriend is polish and his mother hates me too. he has overheard her with her friend saying she never likes his girlfriends because they are "stealing her son". luckily, we live 1000 miles from her. she came to stay at our house and gave me evil looks and watched me like a hawk. i couldn't even clean the house without hearing her opinion about how i was doing it wrong. she told him she was coming to live with us. he is a momma's boy so he said it was ok. but i fought and fought him on that one. he did decide to tell her this wasn't happening, which was a big symbol of his true love for me. i think at times she is starting a war with me to see if she wins. but she picked the wrong girl, i am very strong willed and i love him so much.

on the other hand, my cousin married a guy with a polish mother and italian father. the polish mother absolutely hated her, even threatened to kill her at one time. she is very protective over her son. one day my cousin just snapped and told her off. she really hated her after that. my cousin said one day the mother realized she wasn't going anywhere and started to like her. my cousin is also a very good housewife, takes care of the kids and husband. she said she thinks that has something to do with it.

me, i just stay away from the evil mother-in-law. she loves her son and that's how she shows it i guess. but if she messes with me, I'll tell her off too!

oh, stop kissing her ass. act like you don't care. get him to put his foot down on her being rude to you.