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NO 14   
22 Aug 2009
Life / Why do Poles drink so much? [161]

I dont think so. But i do think when you visit Poland you see more people drinking than you do in England but thats only because they do it on park benches & on some quiet streets.

Whereas in England everyone drinks in their homes or on a Friday/Saturday night in clubs/bars, so its more hidden - i would say that Britain has the worst binge drinking problem in Europe, and i`m not the only one to say that, take a look at this
NO 14   
27 Jun 2009
Life / What is the best Polish book ever written. [23]

The best ever Polish book for me is called "But I Survived".
Its about a man called Tadeusz Sobolewicz & his life during the second world war in Poland, i am not a book fan but i was totally glued to this book from start to finish. There is a Polish version & English version.
NO 14   
6 May 2009
Life / Thunderstorms in Poland [44]

I remember one of the worst storms in Pomorskie region (i was in Gdańsk at the time) back in the year 2000, It was July or August summer time, the weather was brilliant, very hot & not a cloud in the sky for days, suddenly, out from nowhere came clouds, rain & thunder & lightening, i have never experienced anything like it before or since.

The rain was so bad that roads & buildings were collapsing, the thunder was so strong that i thought the house i was in was going to fall down.

In the centre of Gdańsk was a kiosk across the road from the prison, it was built next to the railway line which was about 15-20meters below from this kiosk, a little old woman working there had to be evacuated due to the rain, just after she exited the kiosk it fell down onto the track.

This was my worst experience by far of a storm, but i agree with "frd" they are very exciting to be a part of.
NO 14   
17 Apr 2009
Law / Opening a gym in Gdańsk [30]

Some good advice here.
I must admit that i have never heared of this before (cardio cinema) sounds quite expensive thoughy, do you think something like this would make the difference in someone choosing my gym instead of another?

any more ideas are welcome.
NO 14   
15 Apr 2009
Law / Opening a gym in Gdańsk [30]

I am planning to open a gym & i would like to know what would attract people to my gym? I need something that other gyms dont have.

How many people on P/F are members of a gym & regulary use one?
NO 14   
14 Nov 2008
Life / muslim community in poland [430]

Why do you say that is my country? Yes i may live here but its not my country.
And if it was then there would be no Muslims allowed, sorry for having a opinion, and i am not racist.
NO 14   
13 Nov 2008
Language / I'm lost when it comes to speaking and saying in Polish - advice required [3]

Yes, i would say to learn every day, even if it is only for 30 mins, and if your learning from a book then do a couple of exercises then go back to the start and do them again.

I am learning from a book called "Jak się masz?" (how are you?) Plus i have lots of Polish friends that are around me all the time so listening is also a very good way to learn and even trying to speak even if you make mistakes it doesnt matter, thats how you learn.
NO 14   
13 Nov 2008
Life / muslim community in poland [430]

The less Muslims in Poland the better!
All my experiences with Muslims have been bad ones, i am not racist but i really dont agree that Muslims should be in Poland.I think that i have only ever seen 1 Muslim in Poland anyway, so why the hell do you want to move there?And if you do decide to move to Poland then shouldnt you learn Polish and Polish culture and beliefs?

It would be you that is in thier country not visa-versa.
NO 14   
5 May 2008
Travel / The Tri City: I can see why you live here [17]

This summer will be about my 40th time to Trój Miasto, Aqua Park is brilliant, the wild river is cool, you turn into a big kid again!!!

The best beaches are probablly Zaspa & Sopot.
NO 14   
18 Apr 2008
Life / How will I be treated in Poland by Polish people? I'm an English person. [26]

Do remember that visits, even long visits, are not the same as actually settling down there so you may want to prepare yourself more for the shock of relocating without worrying too much what other people will think of you. If you already know other people there, it will help (and of course, you don't need to make an impression on them). Good luck :)

I have a friend that relocated to Gdańsk a few years ago, but he is a traditional Brit who loved the night life & drinking in his local pub most nights, so for him that is what he misses the most but i am the opposite, the things he tells me he misses mean nothing to me, but i have prepared myself for the big move, my only concern is the language, although my Polish is not too bad its still far from perfect.

I think it depends also on where you're planning on settling down

In Gdańsk.

don't play the 'I love Poland' card too much, it starts to bug folks

I will remember that.
NO 14   
17 Apr 2008
Life / How will I be treated in Poland by Polish people? I'm an English person. [26]

I am planning to move to Poland with my Polish wife in the near future, as an English person, i am quite patriotic towards Poland, maybe because i see it as my home now & i have visited so many times, i just feel as it should be my place to live.

I love everything about it, the countryside, most of the people, the language & cities.
I always try to speak Polish when i am there, i want to learn about its history, people, culture etc, i have quite a lot of Polish friends who live in Poland (mostly around Trój Miasto area), anyway, what i want to know is after you read all this how do you think i will be treated as a foriegner with a Polish wife living in Poland?
NO 14   
17 Apr 2008
Travel / Visiting Gdansk in July [9]

i hope to go canoeing in a couple of weeks which may or may not be action packed ;-)

Ive done loads of that when i was younger

There are, next to Multikino in Gdańsk. I went there two weeks ago - great fun!!!

Are they in the underground car park at Multikino Wrzeszcz?

I think i will visit the Heineken Festival then, some of my Polish friends are going so i will tag along with them :)
NO 14   
16 Apr 2008
Language / How Many of you love the Polish Language? [79]

Advanced courses do exist, but only if you go to Poland itself (from experience) There is an excellent school in Sopot that teaches Polish as a foriegn language to English speaking people.(its expensive but well worth it)
NO 14   
16 Apr 2008
Travel / Visiting Gdansk in July [9]

Has anybody ever been to the Heineken Festival in Trój Miasto?Is it worth a visit, i like all types of music.
Plus does anyone know if there are go-carts around Trój Miasto?Ive been to the quads in Sopot before & it was excellent, Aqua Park in Sopot is cool too!

Does anyone have any ideas of a fun packed visit for me?I enjoy adrenaline sports & just love to have lots of fun. Thanks.
NO 14   
26 Mar 2008
Travel / Finally going to Poland. After 17 years. [9]

So many changes have occured since i have been visiting Poland for the last 10 years!
The roads are slowly being re-surfaced, cities are looking like more & more companies are investing, new shopping centres-EVERYWHERE!, the whole country especially after joining the E.U have benefited so much, all good stuff i think :)
NO 14   
24 Mar 2008
Food / What kind of soup was this?? [11]

Dont say this to any Pole, its a swear word!!!!!!!!!!(If pronounced the Polish way)
NO 14   
8 Feb 2008
Language / Learnign Polish...any tips!? [33]

Download "before you know it"
its a free basic learning package of Polish, plus other languages, its really good for the basics of Polish.
If you have any Polish friends then try to intergrate with them as often as you can and only speak Polish, i have learnt my Polish not from books, but from being around Polish friends & actually visiting Poland a few times every year for the past 10 years!

Good luck :)
NO 14   
26 Jan 2008
Life / Poland's youth & their way of living [16]

With so many Poles living in England i am wondering if when they return to Poland will they take with them the British way of life, & will Poland become as ruined as Britain has become?

I am not against any Pole by the way, i love Poland & will be living there soon, i ask this question because i dont want Poland to be like England in the future, such as young girls pregnant, binge drinking, friday-saturday nights out EVERY weekend ETC.

I really hope that Poland stays the way it is with its culture & people, to much freedom can ruin a country.