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29 Nov 2007
History / Polish Jews - they changed their Jewish surnames to Polish [532]

Polish Jews Were Ecstatic When Russians Occupied Poland
Jews committed acts of revolt against the Polish state, taking over towns and setting up revolutionary committees there, arresting and shooting representatives of the Polish state authorities, attacking smaller or even fairly large units of the Polish Army (as in Grodno). . It was armed collaboration, taking the side of the enemy, betrayal in the days of defeat

Why did this happen? What were the roots of this terrible hatred toward Poland and the cruel revenge on Poles? "It is true,"

"Jews who had put up an archway greeted the Red Army. They changed the old town government and proposed a new one drawn from the local population (Jews and communists). They arrested the police, the teachers . . . They led the NKVD to apartments and houses and denounced Polish patriots."

For example, one night a group of Poles was arrested by local Jews overseen by the NKVD. The victims were then examined and investigated using "light torture" methods such as hitting on the head, while it was covered with cardboard, with the spine of a book or a heavy book or a rubber club.

A Jewish mob set upon and beat a Polish woman as she left church and screamed at her: '... Your time is over; ours is just beginning. Stop praying here'.

A few days later, at night, a group of masked Poles met up with the Jewish hoodlums in some dark alleys and gave them a good thrashing. Jewish harassment subsided somewhat after that.

God bless victims and punish to the killers!
28 Nov 2007
History / Polish Jews - they changed their Jewish surnames to Polish [532]

Jedwabne was occupied by Russians from 1939 to July of 1941, and then the Germans took the town.

Germans allowed the Polish citizens to go on a rampage against the Jews. The Poles went house to house with nail studded clubs, beat 75 boys to death , and then they brought all the Jews into the town square. They started raping the women, trampling babies to death, gouging men's eyes out, cutting their tongues out, and stoning children. One group cut off a women's head, and Polish children kicked it around as in a game.

They forced 40 to take Lenin's statue to a barn and bury it, after which they axed the Jews to death, and threw the body parts in a pit. The finale was when they locked 1600 Jews into a barn, and burned them alive. Mothers trying to flee, ran to the river and drowned themselves, and their babies, as the town watched, sang, and drank.

ordered all the Jews, including the Rabbi and the leaders of the people, to go to the market place. There they were told to put on their Talaisim and Tfilin, and to dance and sing. Afterwards they were locked into a big barn near the Jewish cemetery

The barn was then splashed with benzine and ignited. All were burned alive. May G-d avenge their blood !

The Poles stood singing and pounding wooden noisemakers to drown out the piercing cries that emanated from the burning barn."

to jak tam wszystkim polakom idzie , moja babcia sie upiekla w tej stodole