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25 Feb 2008
Law / Starting a Business In Poland - what should I know? [28]

I think You are asking abt something else- law You can check yourself (or your attorney will help)
1. Polish administration is not helpfull. In fact stupidity and avoiding common sense is normal. You may have luck or simpliest things can take months
2. restrictive bankruptcy proceedings- now it's hard to avoid personal responsibility of Board in case of bankruptcy
3. And something better- there is many different inspections, etc., but if you already have estabilished bussines any penalties are symbolic for 100+ employees company
4. abt labor law- polish workers are used to longer workin day. Formally it's 40 h/week with very limited overtime. In fact working day in one-shift factory is 10 hours

other things or my help as attorney- PM please
3 Feb 2008
Law / moving a company to poland. [15]

economy is economy. I guess You expect to make a profit in Poland and want to have a tax deduction due to loss in Britain. It's possible. Profitability depends of your bussines idea- write more, maybe me or someone else on forum will have some advices.

With tax and legal issues I can help.
22 Dec 2007
Real Estate / Property insurance in Poland [9]

bigger insurance companies generally pays easier (PZU, Warta (yes!), Hestia). Of course, in case of bigger damage they all are trying not to pay at all

talk to multi-agent -one who sells insurances of few companies. They have some comparition and sometimes know reliability of companies
10 Nov 2007
Language / Thingummyjig... Whatsisname... [4]

There is no such word. Maybe polish is so simple there is no way to forget anything ;-)
10 Nov 2007
Life / The romance of an unknowable country ... Poland - my story [35]

Impressive. This story is much better then ones I heard from my family (all polish and I still live in Poland). As one live all the time in one place don't know what is strange and interesting for others. I nearly don't remember comunistic and more traditional times.

I'm waiting for next part.
10 Nov 2007
Travel / Recommend staying in Sopot or Gdansk? [12]

Yes, it's nearly the same- except no tourist rush, of course there is also no street life. All the pubs work and are full of people.

It's hard to giving advices, as I don't know what do you like- pubs, dancing places, techno party or jazz pubs. All kind are rather full of people in Jan
9 Nov 2007
Language / Short version of the name Krzysztof [10]

Krzysiek for friends, Krzysiu as a child or for girlfriend, Krzyś- for me rarely used- sounds not soft nor serious
9 Nov 2007
Study / US student on Politechnika Gdańska - will it be hard to survive? [9]

I can't compare, but Politechnika Gdańska is really hard to survive- especially maths and mechanics- as I heard (I never studied there)
It's about 30-40 % students to graduate, but students teams wins many international prizes.
I wish You luck- and You can contact me when You arrive. I can help with accomodation or smg
9 Nov 2007
Travel / Gdynia info / Hotels to stay [17]

I live in Gdynia all my life, so I can tell about and show most of tourist attractions, pubs, etc. Taxis are safe, and even public transport is (except nights)- also metropolitan train (SKM) is often better then car. Nightlive place is rather Sopot (it never sleeps). I know nothing about hiring a car and very little about hotels.
6 Nov 2007
Real Estate / Am I able to buy property in poland? [4]

Rather You have no polish citizenship- but maybe it's possible to gain it. And also it's possible to buy a land formally needing permition without it. I'm a lawyer so contact for details- if you are interested
6 Nov 2007
Real Estate / I'm not Polish - can I buy a house in Poland ? [49]

There is some legal possibilietes to avoid permit obligations. With more valued properties it can be profitable- for details just e-mail me
6 Nov 2007
Real Estate / Can I buy a small farm in Poland? [49]

There is some very easy possibilities to have full security or even own a land without any permit- so nearly nobody asks about permit. I'm a lawyer so if anybody wants to do it or simply know details just e-mail me