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19 Oct 2009
Life / UK expat recently moved to Warsaw - lots of ongoing questions :) [27]

I'm a vegetarian, and I'm having trouble finding a vegetarian protein substitute like Quorn in Warsaw

sorry I dont know what quorn is but you can buy tofu at the vietnamese shop at hala mirowska and check out the shop at the vega at kino femina for other healthfood items. As well there is a shop in the fresh market at hala mirowska next to the park side. I am veg also so if u need more help just ask. good luck
11 Sep 2009
Life / What to bring, ship, pack for our move to Warsaw [67]

serve a decent & cheap curry


highly highly highly overrated! I never ate curry in London but I lived in India... I ate at Namaste once. The staff are unfriendly and the food was horrible. Just my experience... Better off paying the 8zl for the premade packaged Indian food from India and cook some rice. Much tastier.
9 Sep 2009
Life / Most overpriced things in Poland? [72]


was beneficial

I agree as well as some of my students (adults) who would never say it in public... Gotta run to class... Always a good chat there Seanus
2 Sep 2009
Australia / Australian met a Polish girl - visa issues [16]

right so my point is as has been stated earlier work visas are country specific and not valid for the entire EU from my understanding. she can help you get a visa in poland through marriage but not in another country but the best thing is to check with the proper officials before overstaying your visa and having a big problem good luck
1 Sep 2009
Australia / Australian met a Polish girl - visa issues [16]

she is polish and you want to get a spouse visa to stay longer in the UK? If she isnt british than I cant imagine that it would be possible but I could be wrong
1 Sep 2009
Life / Bookshops that will exchange English books- Warsaw [13]

the bc library moved to goclaw at meissnera 5... not very central. as far as your english books why not donate them to the library on Zelazna? I use that library and I am almost through with all of the readable books they have:) and as well you can become a member for free
27 Aug 2009
News / Microsoft Poland whitens a black face in its advert [130]

A lot of people in Poland are racist

everywhere people are racist... does anybody know of a nation that doesn't have any racism? ... Its a simple marketing strategy and the guy/woman screwed up by leaving the hand black. Its not racism imo. Do they advertise products in the Congo using white people? I doubt it... Black people are not a significant number of the population in Poland, therefore there is no need to target them in advertising.
22 Aug 2009
Travel / The most overrated or disappointing places to visit in Poland? [13]

neither here or there

and what is your definition of overrated? is it not implied that sopot is a highly regarded vacation spot in poland? I went to the place and gave my negative impression. Please do explain...
21 Aug 2009
Travel / The most overrated or disappointing places to visit in Poland? [13]

sopot. maybe it was the time I was there. They had some pop music festival but I have never seen so much fake blond hair, shoulder tats on women and missing teeth. It was a scene not to be forgotten. I ate some chips and had a fun time watching the people...
21 Aug 2009
Life / Deadly Roads - "Are polish roads really THAT dangerous?" [139]

the train service

I have ridden very nice trains for the most part and they have been on time. The stations are in dire need of renovation and sometimes there are no seats but otherwise I have had good service sorry its a bit off topic...
18 Aug 2009
Travel / Travel Advice needed - Scotland to Warsaw. [4]

its about 5 or 6 hours by train from warsaw and a very beautiful city so why not? depends how long you will be in poland if its worth the extra travel
13 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Why Americans think that nobody likes them? [185]

Americans could do a few things to improve their image abroad.
1. Firstly change the name of the "World Series" in baseball to the North American series or invite teams from other nations than Canada to participate. Seems trivial but the Super Bowl, NBA championships don't have such names.

2. Educate yourself and your kids. Schools can not be relied upon to provide proper education in the states. Learn and teach them about other cultures. Knowledge gains respect. Just having money does not impress most people. Its not cool to be smart in the States. Look at Bill Clinton. A well educated man telling jokes like a pig farmer to promote the good ole boy image. I don't really have to speak of Bush in this respect do I?

3. Don't be so afraid of change. America is going to change. The Superpower status will decrease especially as China comes into power more and more. The US is going to have to share some of that pie called the world.

4. Realize that America as a nation is a baby. 250 years is nothing. Its still an experiment that hasn't reached its conclusion. No empire lasts forever.
12 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Why Americans think that nobody likes them? [185]

Why Americans think that nobody likes them

well there are a few reasons imo.

1. America has appointed itself the worlds policeman and Americans think that many people in the world don't appreciate all of their hard work.
2. When you grow up in America you are taught that America is #1 and anyone that doesn't believe that must be against America.
3. The mentality is generally one side of the other. dem or repub, either you are with me or you are against me. The middle ground doesn't exist much in the general mentality of the public and therefore if someone is critical of America than it is assumed they are against it or doesn't like it.

4. Because it is true. Many people in the world are feeling that they are tired of America and its oppressive regime and the false confidence of its people. After the WW's people in much of the world loved America and what it stood for but the recent past has erased much of that feeling.

5. The government and media doesn't necessarily represent the people. People are people and most Americans are good people just as people are everywhere. Unfortunately, they tend to be manipulated by the media/govt/big business into supporting unnecessary wars which only benefit the rich class (govt contractors) and get left with the payment to bail out big business.

IMO people don't really hate Americans as much as they think they are generally less educated/cultured and not sufficiently aware of the rest of the world.
3 Aug 2009
Life / How Fast is the Polish Legal System? [44]

I also feel bad for you but on the other hand I am very happy that I spent all that time and effort to play by the rules and get my permission to stay. It was well worth it although I do dread the next one in a year... I guess its a roll of the dice if you try to stay illegally or do the border runs to Ukraine.
30 Jul 2009
Life / How do Poles view Polish-Americans? [8]

They view Polish americans as nothing more than americans truthfully especially if you don't speak polish and are not born here but that doesn't mean that they won't be nice to you. But it sounds like you have a good attitude so you should be fine.
3 Jul 2009
Work / Canadian Woman Moving To Warsaw [29]

Good advice Harry. Courtney, as far as your bf you know him better than any of these people here so don't worry. I like Warsaw but working is the way to go. Otherwise you are extremely isolated especially if you don't speak English. I don't have a certificate yet have a degree in Business Admin and feel that I have become a pretty good teacher. However, in the beginning I really didn't have a clue and I learned as I went. Other teachers are a great resource.
21 Jun 2009
Work / Tips of English Teacher interviews [6]

Relax and show confidence but not too much. Dress full professional. Always better to go over the top than under. I have had a few interviews here and I was impressed by some of the questions and told the interviewer so. I think they liked that. Its very important that the student/client is satisfied with the classes as they are the one's paying the money. Research is important so you can throw a bit of info out about them so they know you are serious. Skype? Speak clearly and loudly. Hopefully you will have a good connection. Good luck! They asked me what kind of teacher I was... I said a great one! Also about what I would do in certain classroom situations... quiet or troublesome students...
20 May 2009
Life / So it's hit me too, isolation in Poland [46]

I dont think you can cure homesickness by hanging out with other expats. I think you are better off trying to meet some Polish friends and get to know the city through them. Otherwise you might end up drowning your sorrows with other expats.