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19 Sep 2007
Love / having an affair with a Polish man (but he has a wife and a child) [266]

You are talking about the difference between a mature man and an immature guy. Maturity is when one makes a commitment (marriage or otherwise), they honor that commitment and if you meet someone else, than you get out of the commitment before proceeding into a new relationship. It's called being a decent human being.

Exactly what she said!

Mobile, even though you say no-one getting hurt etc, you WILL be found out one day! I had a fling with a married man a long time ago when I was young and also believed that their marriage was an unhappy one! Finally I woke up and moved on....... However, two years later I got a call from a VERY upset, heartboken wife who had found out about "us". It doesn't matter when, how or why someone finds out their partner has had an affair, they will always find out eventually. You know why? their married and so know each other far more than a bit on the side will ever know them, I was a bit on the side, and it sounds very much like you are too.