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17 Jun 2009
Travel / Banolli Krakow, experiences? [2]

Hi John44,

Yes, I know the place - been there a few times, as I used to live pretty close.

I never had problems why the hygiene there actually, even though it is not the cleanest place, I agree....and they always wanted to put ketchup on my pizza (strange Polish habit).

The times I was there (late 2007/early 2008) it was clean enough, not sure what it is like now. Pizza there is not so good anyway, so I did not go back there anymore.

There are plenty of other choices in the city, should your craving for Italian food not be affected. I can recommend Volcano or Don Corleone for that.
21 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / Experiences of Irish people who moved to Poland [27]


I think this is very useful practical feedback, not only for Irish people. I am Dutch and will move for work to Krakow next week; your posts give me a good insight in working culture and general atmosphere, what to expect. etc. Thanks!
18 Sep 2007
Life / Expats in Poland: Are you going to live in Poland long or short term? [65]

I know what the dictionary definition means. But in real life the term suggests: someone with cash who has gone to retire in another country.

Why do you think so, Wroclaw?

I will be an expat as from next week, moreover since I have an international background and education I know some expats, none of which fit your description actually. As for myself, I like working international and being part of a dynamic, developing environment, which will stimulate me to grow and develop as well. The expats I know are all young, ambitious and driven people, preferring to working in an international environment.

I am interested in your feedback and ideas on this.
21 Aug 2007
Life / Questions about Living in Poznan, Poland [10]

just remember that the bus/tram company in Kraków will probably have a different name (not MPK)

OK, thanks, I ll keep that in mind then!
21 Aug 2007
Life / Try it - move to Poland! [33]

Anyone know any good Agencies there..?

What is your profession/what area of expertise are you looking for to work in?
20 Aug 2007
Life / Questions about Living in Poznan, Poland [10]



This I find very useful info - I am sure that I am going to use your reply reply also when trying to settle in Cracow ( I will be moving over there at the end of September)! Practical questions also...good stuff!

Thanks for putting this together.
16 Aug 2007
Life / Poor Poland? [34]

I am just wondering how this is structured in PL: ppl can afford to buy luxury things and not afford a mortgage. Surely they must have rent to pay for their houses; so how come the difference in PL b/w mortgage payments and rent payments is so large that ppl can afford luxury items with the money they save paying rent rather than a mortgage?
16 Aug 2007
Life / Try it - move to Poland! [33]

Better to try, love and lose than regret it for ever in my opinion ;-)

I will move to PL in October...not for love, but for work and adventure! I agree with the attitude to try moving over and go for your dreams though.