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Banolli Krakow, experiences?

12 Jun 2009 /  #1
Hi all,

Yesterday I went to get something to eat at Banolli on Karmelicka street, but what I saw there was horrible...
First of all the service : You had to go to the counter, pay for your food, you received a number and when it was ready they called you and you had to go and collect it yourself...

But the worst thing was the hygiene, the tables were not cleaned, sauce and crumbs everywhere, also the floors were very unclean, which cheese, crumbs all over the place.

While sitting there, flies were circling around my head and sitting on the pasta I ordered!
Behind the counter, waitresses were eating with their hands from the ingredients that go on pizza and the guy making the pizza was not even wearing gloves, touching all ingredients with his hands, refilling the cheese bowl from a big bag, whatever fell next to the bowl was just put back in with hands...

It was the first and the last time I went to Banolli to eat and I will never order from them again either, so my question was, does anyone else have experiences with bad hygiene at this place?
Marius 1 | 33  
17 Jun 2009 /  #2
Hi John44,

Yes, I know the place - been there a few times, as I used to live pretty close.

I never had problems why the hygiene there actually, even though it is not the cleanest place, I agree....and they always wanted to put ketchup on my pizza (strange Polish habit).

The times I was there (late 2007/early 2008) it was clean enough, not sure what it is like now. Pizza there is not so good anyway, so I did not go back there anymore.

There are plenty of other choices in the city, should your craving for Italian food not be affected. I can recommend Volcano or Don Corleone for that.

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