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19 Jul 2007
Language / affectionate term in Polish [59]

Danny, care to translate that?
For if the great person above your post does "Bartolomi", I would love to see what yours translates to.

Or is it a form of Humor in Polish?
11 Jul 2007
Language / Translations of Gadu-Gadu [158]

I was trying to quote It did not work, humm......

I cannot recommend this Program (gadu-Gadu)yet unless there has been a MAJOR Programming overhaul, I warn Caution.


Skype latest has no Problems, BE SURE TO REMAIN UP TO DATE With their program. You may be having trobles with a conflict in your programs or too many invail registry hits.

Try lokoing at this page my site should assist you CCleaner is god but I warn cauton.
Hope this helps.
Ric:^D. omputer