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affectionate term in Polish

lofty 1 | 9  
26 Jan 2007 /  #1
Since I'm a newbie here, I thought that I'd start with something simple :)

I wondered if there was an informal affectionate term in Polish, to use when you are speaking to someone? For example, in English I might say 'darling'. I guess there must be something similar in Polish, but if there is, is there also a masculine and feminine of the word?


(Yeh, I know, I could ask my girlfriend, but then where is the surprise?)
Bartolome 2 | 1085  
26 Jan 2007 /  #2
Ok, it depends on who are you talking to, if it's your g/f :
- Kochanie (Darling)
- Mala (Little one)/Duza (Big one)
- Sloneczko/Slonce - (Tiny)Sun
- Misiu/Misiaczku (Small/Tiny teddy bear)
- Kotku (Kitten)

If you're addressing someone else:
- Male: Kolego, stary
- Female: hmmm, nothing comes to my mind... You just use her name, or ty (you)
OP lofty 1 | 9  
26 Jan 2007 /  #3
Hey, thanks Bartolome, that's just what I wanted.
dannyboy 18 | 248  
19 Jul 2007 /  #4
I find "Suchai yabana szersztu" gets a reaction
Remus707 - | 3  
19 Jul 2007 /  #5
Danny, care to translate that?
For if the great person above your post does "Bartolomi", I would love to see what yours translates to.

Or is it a form of Humor in Polish?
dannyboy 18 | 248  
20 Jul 2007 /  #6
It translates roughly to "Listen to me, you bloody wagon", but its soft, its not a hard insult, more of a joke.
craigphilips24 - | 4  
10 Aug 2007 /  #7
My name is Craig - my Gf is Polish and she calls me ''Craigus'', I think thats SOO adoreable! I love it! I wouldnt let anyone else call me that! Ive had some nicknames in my time - but ''Craigus'' is by far my favourite =p
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
10 Aug 2007 /  #8
you mean Craiguś?
-uś is typical for some names, but it's most used to very little kids
for example: Cezary - ("normal" diminuitive) Czarek - (stronger diminuitive) Czaruś
Bartosz - Bartek - Bartuś
Jarosław - Jarek - Jaruś/Jareczek
and so on
craigphilips24 - | 4  
11 Aug 2007 /  #9
Cool - Istill act like a little kid sometimes, thats probably why she gave the that nickname!
bunia 1 | 134  
11 Aug 2007 /  #10
-uś is typical for some names, but it's most used to very little kids

Yes its used for kids but also for people in love to call each other. Its typical in polish to use words end in "us" for loved ones.

Also word Kochanie (my love/darling) is not as often used as in english.
We dont go around and say for example "thank you love/darling". Word Kochanie is more reserved for a relationship and actual love/affection.
beatusia - | 11  
12 Aug 2007 /  #11
you can also say moja droga which would be my dear.
whats her name we can give you the affectionate slang for it.
porta 18 | 297  
12 Aug 2007 /  #12
Hmm ,i might use the kotku and Mala ,they seem like a good choice along with diablica ;)
glowa 1 | 291  
12 Aug 2007 /  #13
"Suchai yabana szersztu"

but its soft, its not a hard insult, more of a joke.

hmm, maybe it isn't to a friend but it is very vulgar, i can't quite figure out what the last word is, but 'jebany' means '', i wouldn't use it to people i don't really know or have any respect for.
bunia 1 | 134  
12 Aug 2007 /  #14
totaly agree with glowa. Its rather rude and i wouldnt use it unless i want to offend some1
Bubbles 1 | 120  
13 Aug 2007 /  #15
Dzien dorby,

I am brand new to this site and I can tell you I have learned more here today than a year of searching on the web. That is awesome.

I have long distance relationship with a great guy who live is NY. He speaks very fluent english. We text each other A LOT to much. I do know a lil tiny bit of Polish, but not nearly enough. He loves it when we text in Polish, expecially when I get it right. It isn't really about the communication it is more about the fact that I care enough to learn it.

If someone could translate this for me that would be awesome. "I want to make you happy."

Also I would love to find a site that translates more of a slang type of language. Again nothing we say is the end of the world stuff if we don't get it accross, but I told him I was going to learn this language and he laughed saying this he has got to see.

Any help and any good web sites would be truly appreciated.

glowa 1 | 291  
13 Aug 2007 /  #16
a site that translates more of a slang type of language.

well, you've found it. slang type stuff can't really be translated by software. but in here we've got the best resources on the web for Polish-English translations :)

I want to make you happy.

Chcę uczynić Cię szczęśliwym.


Chcę Cię uszczęśliwić

both say the same, you choose :)
Bubbles 1 | 120  
13 Aug 2007 /  #17
Yes the choosing thing always seems to be what gets me into trouble. He is very cool about it all, he wants me to learn and that is very motivating to me.

I truly appreiciate your help and I know I have a long road ahead of me. I have been at this for a year now and I am not getting very far very fast.

Thank you so much. this is going to be a great forum
Dawidku 3 | 12  
13 Aug 2007 /  #18
I have a small black book of endearing terms . Probably all here.

Mój skarbie
Mój Aniołku
Moje słonko
" dynio
słodki grozku (I got that on here)
mały króliczku
bogini prosiaczku
moj ty słoneczny Aniele
Moje Wszystko (I love this :) )

moje ukochane jedyne nakwspanialsze słonko
FISZ 24 | 2116  
13 Aug 2007 /  #19
What about Moj Pluszaczku?
Bubbles 1 | 120  
13 Aug 2007 /  #20
Can you translate soe of those? Particulary moje ukochane jedyne nakwspanialsze slonko?

I got part of it. only love?

Also could you translate

We are going to make it through this.

glowa 1 | 291  
13 Aug 2007 /  #21
moje ukochane jedyne nakwspanialsze slonko

my beloved my only my most wonderful sun - i believe 'sunshine' is rather used in English. true?

We are going to make it through this.

Przebrniemy przez to
Dawidku 3 | 12  
14 Aug 2007 /  #22
Misiaczku -Teddy Bear
Misia -teddy bear
Misiu - teddy bear
Mój skarbie - my treasure
Mój Aniołku - my angel
Moje słonko - my sun
" dynio - pumpkin (duzy or Maly)
Myszko - babycakes
kotku - kitten
słodki grozku (I got that on here) - sweet pea(very American)
mały króliczku - little bunny
bogini - godess
prosiaczku - piglet
cukiereczek - candy/sweet
moj ty słoneczny Aniele - ??????????????
Biedronko - Ladybird
Moje Wszystko (I love this :) ) - my everything

moje ukochane jedyne nakwspanialsze słonko - my beloved my only my most wonderful sun

15 Aug 2007 /  #23
I am trying to find out how you would say "I love your hair" in polish. It's in inside joke between my boyfriend and I. He is Polish, and I think it would be cute to say it to him in Polish!
Dawidku 3 | 12  
16 Aug 2007 /  #24
kocham wasz włos.
glowa 1 | 291  
16 Aug 2007 /  #25
kocham Twoje włosy :)

it sounds strange, maybe this, then:

uwielbiam Twoje włosy
Dawidku 3 | 12  
16 Aug 2007 /  #26
sorry! I get away with that sort of thing in real life, but on here its hell on earth to pay
jkirkwood 1 | 14  
20 Aug 2007 /  #27
I've a Polish friend and she likes to call me buraku (as well as slonce, kotku and some other ones already mentioned.) I was wondering, is this common? Or just her being crazy :P

I recall her saying it meant beetroot in english, that right?

I love the variety of affectionate terms in Polish and the use of diminutive forms to convey affection. I'm not sure we manage quite as well in English, what do you think?
glowa 1 | 291  
20 Aug 2007 /  #28
I recall her saying it meant beetroot in english, that right?

yes, it's right.
i guess it's a private joke. 'burak' in Polish has a notion of 'redneck' :)
but I've heard before girls calling their boyfriends 'buraku'. although it doesn't sound right in public.
29 Aug 2007 /  #29
this is great, I have a polish gf and recognize a lot of the lingo. Now if I could only figure out what her parents are saying about me.
eryka 1 | 1  
29 Aug 2007 /  #30
which term for "teddybear" would be fitting for a little boy? (I call my son "teddybear")

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