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1 Sep 2009

Hi Molly Malone,

Yours is the exact recipe we use here for fresh kielbasa....and it is terrific!! Thanks for the smoked version recipe. We have a smoker we have never used, but intend to.

My husband's father is from Poland and he is the one who taught my husband to make the kielbasa. It's a very easy recipe. We make it around Christmas and Easter time.

We live in Michigan, USA.
21 Jun 2008
Food / Krokiety Recipe [16]

OK. Do you have a recipe? That sounds wonderful!
21 Jun 2008
Food / Woke up with a craving... [14]

Oh, I want the recipe for that sernik. The rest is easy to put together. Funny, today my husband said he dreamed about my salmon patties with creamed peas. haha

Beautiful plate.
18 Jun 2008
Food / Nalesniki [23]

It's just like making crepes. Like Lily said, as soon as you pour the batter into the pan, lift the pan and rotate it spreading the batter into a thin layer. You can put some butter on a papertowel and rub it onto the hot pan, therefore not using too much butter. The butter burns a little and makes the crepe brown. Kind of like pancakes, and the edges will be dry and little holes might show throughout the top of the crepe. You can pick it up with your fingers or a pair of tongs to flip it. Just keep making one after the other, staking them on a plate when they are finished.
15 Apr 2008
Food / Kapusta and groch recipe [18]

This is how I make it........A can or pkg. of fresh kapusta, rinse once. Set aside.
Chop onions and mushrooms, pepper, saute in butter. Add the kapusta and mix well. Cover and bake for about an hour. I also add already browned (cooked through) fresh or smoked kielbasa cut into 1 inch lengths and bake it with the kapusta. Sometimes I bake it with pork instead of kielbasa. Last week I made it with beef and it was outstanding. I added a little beef broth before baking it.
28 Nov 2007
Food / Polish Christmas table [26]

Now this is the most delicious mushroom soup I ever made:

Mushroom Soup

2 T Butter
2 Cups chopped onions
Light Salt

Melt butter in soup pan with salt and sauté onions until transluscent.

Add: 12 oz. sliced mushrooms
½ cup chicken stock
1 T. soy sauce
1 t. dill weed
1 T. paprika

Toss together and cover. Simmer for about 20 minutes, or until
the mushrooms have cooked well. Turn off heat.

Sauce to thicken:

2 T. butter
3 T. flour
1 Cup HOT milk

In another pan melt butter, add flour and stir about 2-3 minutes…..don’t burn. Add hot milk slowly and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Cook until thickened.

Add the sauce to the mushroom mixture and stir in.

Then add 1-1/2 cups of HOT chicken stock. Remove from heat and reheat when ready to eat.

Just before serving add: 2 t. lemon juice
¼ cup fresh parsley
½ cup sour cream

Don’t boil after adding the sour cream or the soup might curdle.
18 Nov 2007
Food / Can't remember the name of the Poland-style soup? [21]

Hello Helena,

Do you have a recipe for this soup? I know my husband has talked about it but didn't know what they called it so I couldn't find a recipe. I would love to have the recipe.

Thank you.

Roberta in Michigan (USA)